Are you solving the problem, or so you think?

20 Feb

Admit,  rectify and never repeat mistakes
Commandment 8 of the Groupon India Bible

If I had to make one for managers,  the same would read
Identify the cause and solve, to ensure no repeat problems.

The biggest mistake that managers make which they are unaware of,  is that they don’t solve problems. They only address them tactically – at a individual level,  circumstantial level,  momentary level. They don’t solve the problem. They solve the situation.

Ask yourself – will this problem occur again within the same set of individuals? If yes, you haven’t solved the problem.

It takes a lot more will. A lot more time. Definitely a lot more attention. Imagine the returns,  though.

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March 17th, 2015 at 1:28 am

Most of the time people only managed the situation solved anyhow at that point of time… after they don’t think or bothered to solve that situation completely… the attitude problem

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