Bain turned pain

14 Sep

So…a senior partner from Bain Singapore and a Manager at Bain India (BCC, Delhi) had come over to explore the possibility of recruiting from ISB this year. I believe we are up against IIM C, which makes the ‘battle’ tougher and challenging. And I guess at some level even if we loose, it will be a well-accepted ‘defeat’.

However…this isn’t what was best about the visit. The 2 gentlemen sat through our classes and apparently both the profs and the students did a remarkable job. So Section A and B…thanks a lot dudes…! In the evening they wanted to have a small gathering of 30 off people…whom they could address and then interact with. Now…the statistics is easy…349 students…30 to select. We could have had elections…but there wasn’t time…we could have selected 30 based on the way they dress but then the idea was squashed. So ultimately the class reps were requested to send in the names of 8 odd people…whom they felt could do a good job of impressing the Bain guys.

Needless to say…Bain turned into a pain…with students criticizing the methodology used…etc etc…! Personally…it is hard to judge whether they are right in acting so. However, I do know that the 30 chosen are in no way better than anyone else on campus. And definitely nowhere near indicating that they will ultimately see through Bain in the placements. So if you look at it…30 had to be chosen…and 30 is a slightly smaller number than 349…so people would have been left out…one way or the other. It is unfortunate that people had to be left out…and I am sure it was not an easy choice for whosoever making it.


Life has been hectic like anything this week…assignments flooding us left right and center…with a few new ones coming in from the top as well. Have been fighting the same with diligence so far…hopefully will be able to sustain the same.

Got the corporate finance end term…did horribly bad…can’t believe myself…! So here is the deal…marketing bad…finance bad…IT will be bad…what the hell do I major in…? I wish they had home science…(G…heheheh!)

Loads to look out for this weekend. Section C has its last party together…! Am hosting a quiz this Saturday…then assignments as usual…onam celebrations…so pretty packed…and should be exciting…!

Life’s good…


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September 16th, 2005 at 1:10 am

As u rightly mentioned, weekend is “party packed”..Time to get senti for sec-c, planning to provide a bucket and lots of tissues.



February 5th, 2007 at 7:50 am



March 17th, 2007 at 3:34 pm

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