Bing copies from Google – Brilliant!

4 Feb

Anyone who tracks the Internet space (which doesnt meant FB, btw) would have read Danny Sullivan’s article on how Bing is Cheating and Copying search results from Google.

This is brilliant! Not so much for the fact that Bing does this, but for the fact that this is possibly the first time that Google has ‘accepted’ in as many words that it can actually tweak search results to show what they want!

Let me repeat that

Google has FULL control over what they show to the user, down to the keyword level. Not just at an algorithm level!

WOW! Thats a lot of power

As a sidenote, saw the Social Network again on the flight this morning. I am definitely naming it my best movie of all times, not only because its a gripping biopic, wonderfully shot, beautifully enacted and masterfully tied together,  but also because it makes me feel that I have done nothing in life all these years!

I dont want to be Zukerberg, but I definitely want to be the guy who brings about a change that the WORLD notices! Fuck – 30 years are already gone!

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Manish Singh

February 4th, 2011 at 7:55 pm

There has never been a denial from Google ever that they don’t have complete control over their search results. If they wanted, they could remove a search listing for a given keyword or manipulate search rankings. And who knows they may be doing it (Google slap?). Its is sad to know that there isn’t a real competitor for Google in the search space. Scary if you ask me. And don’t worry about Zukerberg – he just stole someone elses idea, at least you can proud yourself that you aren’t an idea thief :-P


Rajat Yadav

February 7th, 2011 at 12:15 am

I read your blog regularly, but this is the first time I’ve taken time out of my daily blog dose to comment, probably because I’m exceptionally passionate about this area.

The truth really is that Bing, in fact, did not copy Google. Bing toolbar and IE Suggested Sites users voluntarity agree to share “click-stream” data with Bing. All that means is that when you do searches on the web, or even browse the web anonymous data is sent back to Bing to improve the relevance of it’s index. Bing mixes this input it gets from its users (who voluntarily accepted an EULA) with other signals it uses to rank web pages, and then shows the results. The problem is that when Google did this so called sting operation, the only signal Bing was getting was this “Search signal” from its users, and said oh ok, maybe xyz means, and so displayed the results; had for example, some other signal for xyz been there, Bing would have weighed in on that as well.

Google does this exact same thing with it’s toolbar. If you read the next few posts by Danny Sullivan you’ll notice how Google has not yet acknolwedged what its toolbar data sends back.



March 27th, 2011 at 12:05 pm

@Rajat Yadav

what bing is doing can not be termed as coping … but sharing “click stream” is something doubtful… 99% of the users never read long EULA ..or whatever they are supposed to read before clicking yes/no . I will never want Bing using my search string ” naked pictures of mallika” for anything …

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