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Fake news

1, Nov 2017

This incident blew my mind Right after Diwali, Vidur vegans coughing. Took him to his doctor, who diagnosed the condition to be bad. I asked him if it was due to the Diwali pollution “Are you joking? This time there was no Diwali! It felt like a day of mourning because of no crackers” Intrigued, […]

Dinner with who? 

16, Jun 2016

Left office at 830pm last evening. I don’t have dinner as a meal, but was super hungry yesterday. Almost on the border of indulgence.  Ordered my Uber  And then ordered paneer rolls.  The cab and rolls arrived at the same time. Stepped out of office complex to board the cab. Saw an ice cream vendor. […]

We grew up without money. Ma and Papa worked all their life and couldn’t make enough to save. Yet they gave us the best life they could. We went to top schools. Had a fulfilling childhood. But I grew up looking at my parents having a life of struggle. Of unfulfilled desires. A life where […]

Email this morning Hello Ankur, rather Hello Ankur Sir.. I recently checked some pics posted by my college Indian Institute of Foreign Trade & saw CEO Groupon delivering a guest lecture. AND it turned out to be you Pheww…To be frank i never bothered to check out your professional profile and  was talking to you […]

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You will be fine

18, Jun 2015

13 years ago, in the fall of 2002, I captured a shot through my nikon. It was that of wooden fences. About a km from spartan village, where I was staying as a graduate student of MSU. I was far away from home, lonely, staying with a housemate that hardly spoke. I didn’t have any […]

A bank interest rate? A fixed deposit rate? A stock market rate? An extremely risky investment rate? It shocks me how casual people are towards their money. Considering the percentage of people unhappy with their jobs, it’s amazing how many disrespect perhaps the only thing they are working for. Be brutal with your money. Make […]

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In Feb 2012, I was ordered to “stop walking” in 2 weeks flat. A pain in my hips had been diagnosed as AVascular Necrosis (or AVN) – a freak thing to happen considering that most of the causes for AVN did not apply to me. The doctors suggested treating it right away, through a process called […]

I grew up dreaming of becoming an astrophysicist. That dream consumed me. I loved everything about the universe and the physics of it. And then, over a year – while I was in my PhD program (and top of my class, with a 100% scholarship) I realized this wasn’t something I will be good at […]

Seeking sponsorships

23, Dec 2012

Ever since our TV Campaigns went off, the deluge of sponsorship emails has been uncanny. However, what came in today, caught my attention. I rarely respond to such emails unless they catch my attention in the right manner. This one did too, though not for the right reasons   Original Email edited <> 7:53 PM […]

Fantastic anecdote by Ravi, while at Wipro. Change of management – new head of sales is brought in. Super sharp. Direct. No nonsense Meeting with top management. One gentleman presents a slide, with the title “Key challenges” New head stops the gentleman. “Whose challenges are these?” “If you as top management cannot solve these challenges, […]

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You learn everyday!

7, Sep 2011

The deals business makes you go through a beautiful ride everyday! It’s so close to the customers – every step and action of yours is public. Margin of error is…! So we had this deal, that I thought was interesting. It runs today in Delhi – doorstep beauty service by VLCC – you know the […]

we have to do it…

4, Sep 2009

back when I used to fly to Dubai for work…Emirates Airlines was like second home. Its not funny the number the movies I have watched…and the amount of fun me and my team mates have had on those flights. I was remembering one such instance this morning…and realized that I had blogged about it previously. […]

the morning brought in news of two (atleast for me) sudden demises. Anil Wilson, former principal at St. Stephen’s and Michael Jackson passed away… Now..I am a hindu graduate and to even talk good about Ste-vens is like Shahrukh stating that Aamir is a better actor…which btw he is…as is hindu better than ste-vens! :) […]


23, Aug 2007

life as a consultant always gears you up for an alternative career as a hotel and airline critic….! and yeah…ofcourse…rental car service critic too..! which reminds me…why do all the cabs…even the ones running in the evening, carry yesterday’s newspaper..! and why do i still read them..?anyways…so yeah…hotel and airline critic. hotels are for later…but […]

games people play….

26, Jul 2007

since the day i was born…i have been observing people. i noticed the mole on the doctor who gave birth to me and the fact that her stethoscope’s left earpiece was bigger than the right one..! but then thats not observing people…so nevermind…i find it as a good pastime…! even mre so when i see […]

8.30amFridayMumbai Airporttringgg tringgg…hellohaanji sir…u hv reachedyes yes…where r u…?at the exit itself…should i go and fetch the car…?yah yah..plz do…where should i wait…i will come where the laal peeli start(figuring out where that is)…alright…i will wait…After 10 minswhere are you boss…?sir…right there…can you see the 2 media vans…right behind that…boss…there are no media vans that […]

13, Mar 2007

the good part about not bloggin for a while…is that you get a feel of your fan following…! …1 girl reminded me that i used to blog……my viewership has dropped 50%……i received 37 (yes…thats friggin THIRTY SEVEN…) anonymous comments…in a single day…and some 150 in the past month…”great site you have here…btw check some lesbians […]

never again….

22, Jan 2007

this post is not for the faint hearted…or people who have never been to a public loo…!!______________________________________________________________________________ever been to a debate…?? the good ones…always define the motion infront of the house. even if the motion is “bappi lahiri is the sexiest person alive…”…they will spend painful minutes describing what their definition of ‘sexiest’, ‘person’ and […]

balls of steel…

7, Jan 2007

no no no no no….busy….heck no…. ummm…yeah…vacationing…and hence lazy….more like it…!! not that life stopped…so hv a lot to share…so much that i hv forgotten most of it… Solstice Cudnt have asked for more….it was jst perfect. everything abt it…! meeting everyone again..walking down those roads again…as if you had never left…spending time doing just […]