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Stick to your decisions  It’s terrible advice, in my opinion, in these times.  The platform that we are all standing on today, is changing.  Every moment.  The only religion then, worthy of standing by, is the belief that you took the best possible decision in the circumstance that you were in, with the data that […]

I am scared 

20, Oct 2016

I am scared Not because I have witnessed the result of the decisions Not because I know exactly how much it will take Not because I have failed before and know what it feels like Rather I have heard how it sounds I have been told what failure is like I have seen it from […]

Only 5% create noise  Only 5% create ruckus  Only 5% break the law  Only 5% are brutal, unsympathetic, cruel and don’t care They don’t necessarily win in the end, or get their way. And even if they do, it’s short lived and gives a false impression of victory.  But they alter the path  They force […]

Three reasons Misalignment of incentives: happens 20% of the cases The conflicting parties are not aligned towards the same goals. One has been told to increase sales at all costs. One has been told to reduce costs whatever it takes. Managers are almost always to be blamed. Leadership is the root cause here. Rather poor […]

Why hasn’t it been done already? Unless one does not go through the logical and emotional journey of discovering this answer, you are almost always destined to regret going down this path without the diligence it deserved. There are 3 possible responses to this question It’s been done, I just don’t know of it: Happens 20% […]


10, Oct 2016

Don’t be around people that bring you down  Don’t be around people that make you feel useless Don’t be around people that look for reasons to point your mistakes  Don’t be around people that do not know how to respect people below them  Don’t be around people that don’t say sorry  Don’t be around people […]

Here is the deal about wild bets.  They are wild for a reason.  If one knew what were to happen, they wouldn’t be wild anymore. They wouldn’t even be a bet.  So stop attaching a probability of success to them. Don’t try to tame them.  By the same measure, lack of conviction instantly kills any […]

Choices you make 

6, Oct 2016

March 2014 I missed my connecting flight from Amsterdam to Delhi because the Seattle Amsterdam flight was delayed.  The next one was after 16 hours I was given meal coupons and a fake apology.  I chose not to accept it. Asked for a 24hr visa instead to step out.  It was 7pm when I got […]

Cool or boring?

30, Sep 2016

In the past 4 months, nearbuy has built merchant tech that has never been built before in India, and I would argue perhaps the world.  And I have spent the last month on the road showcasing this tech and gathering feedback. Investors, customers, merchants.  The response is usually that of astonishment and amazement.  “This is […]


27, Sep 2016

What leads to procrastination? Most social responses will center around laziness. The inertia to not move. The need to remain status quo.  Most internal reflections will discover that it’s the world’s judgement of the output that scares people.  If I do this now, it won’t change my image, as against doing it later.  I have […]

Yeah, but you also…

26, Sep 2016

You didn’t call me Yeah, but you also didn’t call me  You scored less Yeah, but you also scored less You hurt me Yeah, but you also hurt me  You didn’t work to your full potential Yeah, but you also didn’t  You don’t seem to be grateful Yeah, but you also think the same way […]

Who is your customer?

13, Sep 2016

Everyone of us entrepreneurs is trying to solve a problem.  A live problem.  Something worth solving.  Something hopefully worth a lot, once solved.  But here is the deal about problems. Everyone has them.  If you are about saving money, even the richest guys likes to. The extent varies.  If you are about convenience, even the […]

Each time I interview people, we have the office boy come in and ask for tea or coffee.  When it is served, I look for the response No thank you? Thank you? Thank you Bhaiya (or equivalent)? Tells me something about the person.  —- I play a sadist game on the office floor. Drop a […]

As a society, we suck at how we react to an apology.  Especially when we are mad at the other person.  I won Hah, finally admitted their mistake  I had been saying it all along, hadn’t I  Don’t ever do it again  Why did you even do it  What were you thinking  It’s too late  […]

Whenever I have made this statement, I realize the irony of it.  I haven’t worked with these individuals. Because they have worked on their own. Every single time.  No instructions were ever needed.  No prescriptions were ever shared.  No reviews were ever conducted.  No follow up was ever needed.  I technically didn’t work with them.  […]

The world has a very convenient definition of cheating, based on a highly misplaced sense of morality.  If you are physically or emotionally involved with a person outside of your current relationship – that’s cheating.  Strangely enough, the necessary condition is not the physical or emotional attachment, rather the existence of another person in the […]


26, Aug 2016

Vidur loves to build stuff. Elements for his own world. Rockets, aliens, monsters, zoo, farms.  And when he does, he forgets everything else. He immerses himself. It doesn’t matter what’s happening around him at that moment.  Unfortunately, as he grows up, this will change.  Noise will seek attention.  Social media TV VR People The next […]

Your reality 

19, Aug 2016

I fear failure  It took me a long while to realize how wrong this statement is. It makes it sound as if failure is a thing. Something that exists. Something that can be felt or experienced.  We don’t fear failure.  We fear the reaction of people if we fail.  We fear the reactions resulting from […]

While at the gym last week I dropped my phone And the screen cracked. Over the next few days the crack spread its wings. And now represents an aggressively growing tree branch. Basically my top left section of the phone is all glass cracks! It’s been a week. I have gotten used to it.   […]


8, Aug 2016

One of my favorite questions of all times, and a hard one at that to comprehend, is What drives you more – the problem or the solution? Its hard to comprehend, because no one can claim not to be driven by the solution. That’s the outcome. The purpose. The aim. And not surprisingly, most of […]