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20, Mar 2017

The easiest thing in the world is to expect something from someone else I expect you to love me  I expect you to show up I expect you to understand  I expect you to care I expect you to appreciate  I expect the world to… The hardest thing is to expect something from your own […]

They say entrepreneurs make better investors. Because they know the grind. They have been through the emotions. They recognize the fears and the irrational optimism.  Entrepreneur turned investor A combination that works  Just that, it doesn’t.  An investor’s default response is meant to be no. An investor’s job is to enter and exit businesses. Their […]

Under promise and over deliver does not work anymore  Customers expect more  Employees expect more  You should expect more from your own self  Momentum is precious. The only valuable act you and your organization can indulge in.   Making sure you over deliver.  And because you can over deliver, go ahead and commit more  Over […]

On 31st January, I went live on Facebook to share the nearbuy brand brief, as part of our search for a creative agency.  It was honestly a natural thing for us to do. We were frustrated with the current pitching process in the industry. And realized there were so many awesome agencies that we had […]

Everyday Every single moment  Our brain has the power to think, to imagine And what’s separates humans from other species is our ability to imagine the future. The possibilities. The multiple outcomes.  And most of us misuse that power.  We misuse the power when the ability to imagine is used to imagine the worst.  And […]

At times you find life lessons in the oddest of places.  Security messages when you are onboard the aircraft are mostly considered useless. You have heard them several times. Of course you know how to use a seat belt. It’s 2017! And no, when something bad happens we won’t remember to follow the lights on […]

We all hate it, don’t we This is how the rules are  I am just following the system  I can’t help you. The right person is sitting there in that corner We are like this only  Sorry ma’am. I understand but I can’t help  No you don’t understand And yes you can help But it’s […]

As far back as I can remember, I wanted to be a space scientist. An astrophysicist to be precise.  My immediate and extended world knew of my dreams. That of doing my PhD from the US and working at NASA.  And in 2002 I left for the US. To pursue my PhD. From Michigan State […]

Play your own game 

20, Feb 2017

Our parents grew up in a very different world.  India back then was a different land That of limited opportunities That of rationing  That of settling for stable than a shot at the moon  And for no fault of theirs (and ours), they raised us accordingly.  It doesn’t matter how good you are. You will […]

The founder’s role

15, Feb 2017

I spent almost the entire past weekend trying to resolve a conflict at work. I knew I had to intervene to solve it. I had to take charge. Fix it. Make sure the problem was solved and not just the situation.  It seems the conflict did get resolved.  It seems I had some role to […]

People stand in line for hours when an iPhone launches, to be one of the first to buy  Women tend to express their emotions better than men  Research suggests that  high EQ is a better indicator of success  Squatting is one of the fastest cardio ways to burn fat  Driving a car in the first […]

Imagine an angry mail written to you Imagine a conversational fight you are in the middle of  Imagine an individual being mean to you Imagine a situation that requires you to react  At that moment, your instant feeling and thus your instant reaction – is conclusively the wrong one.  It’s the hardwiring of evolution that […]

IQ was what got the previous generation to succeed. Mostly.  Not anymore.  In today’s world of distraction, instant gratification, unlimited access and boundless opportunities – your ability to focus is what will make you stand out.  Focus is the new IQ Here is the deal about focus It’s spelled as “consistency”  The irony of today’s […]

NO! Smart people and nice people think their smartness and niceness diminishes each time they say no to someone.  They believe they are saying no to their own capability of helping.  To their own ability to solve.  What we rarely realize is that the art of saying no is the highest level of respect you […]

I have a “problem” I have been trained to think that everything is a consequence of me. I am the source of the current situation. My thoughts, my actions led to what we are witnessing, especially if it’s bad.  I may not admit it all the time, but within I am already cursing myself. Scrutinizing […]

Yesterday at lunch with two super smart startup founders, we got talking about their pitch deck.  Pitch decks are super fun. I look at the nearbuy pitch deck every other week – trying to make it clearer, sharper, more succinct. And surprisingly find obvious ways of doing so, that weren’t so obvious before.  I told […]

Which one?

23, Jan 2017

Two emails – selling something to me – eyeing for my attention Which one will get a response? Which one went through more effort to write? Which one will continue putting in the effort, despite the response rate?   If we don’t respond too well to lazy work, what makes us think that the world will […]

I am privileged that a lot of people write in seeking help.  What shocks me, consistently, is how few of them know what help they need  My standard response to most emails is my favorite question  “How can I help” Here is the truth  No one will figure out how they can be useful for […]

Progress half done

18, Jan 2017

Self driving cars I am amazed at the pace with which this industry is being transformed. There isn’t any month where an incredible video doesn’t surface – from different companies – showcasing real life implementation.  Without knowing much about the technology – here is an admission I would still make.  It isn’t possible that everyone […]

I signed up for Amy at last week. Had been resisting it for a while, not sure why. On paper it’s the tech I should jump at.  An artificial intelligence based calendar scheduler.  Oh. My. God.  The first few conversations were awkward. Especially marking her on an email with real people. Asking for her […]