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Rush hour

22, Sep 2017

It takes me 40 mins to reach work everyday Anytime of the day The road is a smooth ride – traffic but not enough to stall. A 30km stretch with no red lights. But every now and then, someone with a sense of urgency will go berserk Change lanes Honk Brake Accelerate Jeopardize not just […]

Two stories that somehow found a connection I have been experiencing back pain persistently for 3 weeks now. Because of which I haven’t been to the gym these past 3 weeks And I have been missing it Missing it – because that’s where I feel I prepared most for life, from a mental strength perspective […]

In a seminal 2002 study, 3 scientists put 12-month old infants through an experiment Through a glass window, the infants saw a man enter a room. In front of the man was a large “something” with a huge button The man banged his head into the button and lo behold – there was confetti like […]


11, Sep 2017

Most of us have been raised to admire the extra ordinary To be inspired by them To be in awe of them To want to become them BUT Most of us have been raised to be ordinary To be average To follow the herd To take the path already taken To admire is easy It’s […]

An overwhelming majority of emails and messages I receive end broadly the same way What do you think of the idea? Am I on the right track? How should I plan my life? What’s the best advice you can give me? And my personal favorite Want to pick your brains on this     This […]

Here is a view to life That is conclusively true Our brain is a muscle That requires training Training that it rarely gets Because it’s the hardest thing to train And life is not a bed of roses It will be hard, supremely hard At times, or most often But hard for sure Just as […]

When you are dining at a restaurant, or relaxing at a spa, or getting pampered at a salon – the cost of that service is usually ridiculously low compared to what you end up paying. So we argue we are paying for the softer aspects The ambiance The treatment The expertise/quality of the experience   […]

This post is meant to spark a conversation – I am genuinely seeking help on how to build a gender neutral workplace This women’s day, I shared stats about women representation at – a piece that went “mini-viral” Share of women: 34% Share of women in tech: 29% Impressive, I assume   However, here […]

Nike and me

29, Aug 2017

In school, I was fascinated with Nike, the brand I knew it as “Niek” back then And all day long, on every blank space possible – I used to draw the swoosh and sketch “just do it” I decided that if I ever get a tattoo it will be the swoosh, on the mount of […]

There was a time when content was not democratic There was a lot of effort put into production. But distribution was almost dictatorial. Set TV hours for each show. The TV shows were decided by someone else Their timings were decided by someone else Their content was decided by someone else Same for movies Same […]

To work on my neck and cheek bones, I got two bricks, placed them on top of each other, wrapped a cotton cloth around them and created a sling knot. Idea is to hold the knot by biting it with your teeth. That puts pressure on your cheek bones. And if you make your head […]

2 traits define people who work with you Capable and Compatible Despite the best interview processes and intent, there are errors that creep in. And it’s super critical to take a hard stand on such errors I have never regretted firing someone. I have only regretted not doing it early enough The easiest are people […]

Avoid People who think of themselves higher than you think of them They don’t want to grow. They think they have already done everything They have a misplaced sense of self worth Developed largely by their own minds Not by feedback Hold on to People who hold you to a standard much higher than you […]

Independence Day

16, Aug 2017

Patriotism is when you like your country for what it does Nationalism is when you like your country irrespective of what it does Are you a patriot or a nationalist, when it comes to your startup?

Vidur (my 6yr old) has been learning the piano for a year now. And he is really good at it. He can read and write notes And usually understands new notes faster than anyone in classAnd then plays it by memoryHas also started creating his own music. Which doesn't have much sense, but sounds peaceful […]

People use the term as if it's interchangeable. But it's not. The titles are of course differentFounder – founded the company CEO – runs the company If it's the same person with both the titles, it is supremely critical to know the distinction And I was made to realize it again day before Founder – […]

Happy birthday nearbuy

10, Aug 2017

It's been precisely 2 years since we became nearbuy from Groupon And I honestly didn't expect such high and lows when we started on this journey. In my head, it was a lot more stable and a lot more predictable Instead – it was 2 years of fascinating highs and terrible lows. And in the […]

I have come to realize that the physical and mental self are two different beings. Almost independent. The physical self seems to have no mind of its own (no pun intended) It loves to sleepIt loves to eatIt loves to laze It love comfort The mental self clearly has a mind of its own, but […]

The most fascinating thing science taught me was hypothesis-led thinking It's the proposed explanation for a phenomenon. Comes from the Greek word hupothesis, meaning "to suppose" One takes this hypothesis and sets out to prove it or disprove it. If proven, you conclude. It becomes a theory or a law. Here is the trouble with […]

Scrolling through your feed You come across a post by a friend. It's long. But it has several likes. And a tempting start. You begin to read it. You realize it's bullshit. Or something you don't care about. Or don't agree to. Or don't indulge in. You of course won't comment. But there is a […]