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Saying no to someone is supremely hard. We are hard wired to belong – to a tribe, a community, a group. And in the past saying no meant isolation. Perhaps even death. And while saying no nowadays mostly doesn't come with a death certificate, the habit has stayed. If I say no – I will […]

Here are the 3 states for a potential customer Yes, I want your product/service Maybe No, I don’t want your product/service Unfortunately, most sales people will rank these 3 states (in terms or desired outcome for them) as Yes Maybe No   When in my opinion, after a yes, the most desired outcome for any […]

Step 1 Advice is what you seek when you know the answer but you wish you didn’t.  All of you have choices when taking decisions. And one of those choices is our preferred one. We know of it. If we were to toss a coin, we would find ourselves wishing for that option’s side to […]

Blue pill:  Restart your life 10 years back, with all the knowledge you know today  Red pill:  Fast forward to 50 years with $10Mn in your bank account  People judge you based on the choice you make. Rarely questioning why you made the choice.  You could realize you haven’t learnt enough, and thus the red […]

Here is a random prediction  There are more meaningless “I love you” being spoken as of this moment, than all meaningful and meaningless “I need help”  People don’t seek help.  From other people. From books. From videos. From content. From life.  There is a misplaced sense of pride that stops them Pride will make you […]

Every professional team is characterized by 2 core aspects  Knowledge (/skills) and values  And through this you can create a management consultant’s dream tool – a 2×2 matrix  So there are 4 kinds of people who could be on your team  1. Don’t have the same knowledge and don’t share the same values  These are […]

Here are 3 predictions for the future  People entering the workforce today will most likely never die (from natural causes). Some of them might move to Mars In a decade or so, we will be hiring computers with the right culture. Do they speak the language we speak and operate by values we live by […]

I was interacting with a bunch of ISB admits for the next batch. All high IQ, academic achievers who will spend 2 years working before joining ISB.  Understandably all of them had questions around – does ISB help in the long term, will it help beyond consulting, will it help in international positions, is it […]

What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail What a fucked up quote!  It’s impossible to not fail.  Not everything that you make will have the world submit itself and hail you as their king.  Not every product you make will be loved  Not every test you take will have […]

Being a manager is hard work.  Seriously hard work.  You have to manage your team, achieve goals, manage expectations, communicate bad news, spend time on hiring, retaining, motivating, firing.  It is seriously hard work Yet somehow, everyone wishes to become one.  There is something appealing about being a manager. Being called a manager.  And with […]

Our lives are shaped up by our perspective.  Our childhood memories Our value system  Our friends and family  Our experiences  Our conversations  Our media  Our governments Over time, all these help establish the perspective. The frame of reference against which we see ourselves everyday.  And we come to accept it as our own.  To the […]

When to advertise? 

12, Jun 2017

Most advertising is about “launches” Here is our new product  We have raised funding  This is what we are going to do  This is who we are This is what the future looks like  Time and money worth Billions of dollars is invested, everyday for such advertising speak  There is another form of advertising, far […]

In response to a question on Quora, I recalled 3 things that I learnt in my first ever job While the first one was almost an instant realization, the second and third were formed over years and has taken time to transform from a hypothesis to a theorem  It’s been over 13 years, and it […]

One of my favorite interview questions is “do you like starting things or finishing things?” Almost 80% people like to start things. Shouldn’t come as a surprise though.  Finishing is much harder.  Finishing that project requires a lot more than starting it  Driving a conclusion requires a lot more than initiating the discussion meeting  Making […]

You get up every morning  You show up You slog it out  You do the right things You work really really hard Don’t cheat, don’t steal, don’t beg, don’t lie Here is the honest truth – people don’t care The world doesn’t owe you it’s time just because you do the right thing the right […]

Back in the Stone Age, the basic instinct was to survive. From animals, nature, any possible danger.  Our brains were constantly working. Doing an almost great job of telling us when we need to watch out.  I am assuming this single trait allowed us to survive through billions of years and “evolve”  “Unfortunately” the brain […]

Nothing changes your life in 30 seconds  Don’t fall for the trap, the easy diet, the short cut, the motivational video, the click bait, the pretty face, the higher pay.  What will it take to be successful? It will take everything!  ?

Email from a colleague that’s moving on  ?

I am an eternal optimist. People who know me well call me the irrational optimist.  It’s my belief that the future is always beautiful. Tomorrow is always better than today.  The operating word I chose to describe the future is better.  It will be bigger. It will bring in more gratification. It will make you […]

Drop the debt 

15, May 2017

Debt is largely a misunderstood financial instrument, especially at a consumer level. Somehow taking debt is not considered being financial prudent. While there is enough literature to suggest that debt can be a fantastic lever for growth, if managed well.  Reason it carries a bad reputation is because of all the horror stories when the […]