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your stamp on it

22, Nov 2017

A famous sculptor wanted to sculpt his final masterpiece on top of a hill He had time left for only this one – and he wanted it to be his best work ever He worked, day and night, creating patterns and bringing the mountain stones to life And when it was all over, he asked […]

We humans have this rather unfortunate habit of checking the strength of our relationships, every how and then Let’s see if he calls me today Let’s see if he picks up my phone if I call him right now Let’s see if they figure out this loophole without me pointing to it Let’s see if […]


14, Nov 2017

Yesterday Times of India flashed a news article on paytm’s acquisition of little and nearbuy as part of a distress sale. The journalist had reached out to me on Sunday evening, asking for my comments. I declined to comment, adding that his facts were wrong and if he waited for a few days I could […]

There are people who tell you that you are wrong There are people that help you see where you are wrong Guess which ones are more than the other? Now do you see why choosing the right crowd isn’t easy? And why that’s precisely the reason why you should spend a lot of time on […]

Ever has this situation where you were extremely happy and content with your situation UNTIL you came across someone else who was better off, with similar attributes as yours? And this made you feel sad and shitty about your state? While your grass was green all through The existence of supposedly greener grass disturbed you […]

Worst form of wisdom

8, Nov 2017

The fastest way to become wise is to receive it The power of books, videos, podcasts – is phenomenal, especially if you consider the effort it would take to acquire it yourself There is danger though Information, today, is navigating at the speed of light And it’s disguised as wisdom Beautifully disguised The worst form […]

An ex-colleague wrote in, asking a very interesting question “Now that your videos and content have picked up a lot, how does the attention feel? What’s it like to be on the other end of inspiration?” It’s a lot of pressure And the only perpetual overwhelming feeling is that of being humbled Pressure, because I […]

Met a smart candidate yesterday for a senior role Towards the end the usual question popped up – what is the larger goal of Not directly asked, but hidden in that question was the more basic one – what’s the potential of this deals and discounts industry? I shared my views. Views that I […]

Are you a different person on weekdays and weekends? Are you a different person right before you step in to office and once you are inside? Are you a different person when with your team and when with your boss? Are you a different person through the year and towards the appraisal process? Are you […]

As cave people in the stone ages, there was just one rule of success DON’T DIE If you survived, you would reproduce and that allowed your tribe, your community to move ahead So do whatever it takes to not killed by an animal, get hit by the weather or murdered by a known one And […]


17, Oct 2017

Here is an under-rated quality The ability to have a 10,000 feet view that it seems to suggest you don’t care about the details and in the very next instant, focus on something so specific that it may indicate you don’t have a larger view It comes from intense training and an unreal level of […]

I am not alone

16, Oct 2017

I was at the TEDx IITRoorkee this weekend and as always loved my time with young minds What’s becoming increasingly obvious is that this generation in under immense pressure. The nature of questions thrown at me by the students reaffirmed this opinion. At the bottom of this pressure is this paralyzing sense of self doubt. […]

What was I thinking?

6, Oct 2017

How many times has it happened that you looked at the past and went, “What was I thinking?” “That was so obvious. How did I miss it?” “I can’t believe I didn’t see that” You did see it. You saw it loud and clear But at that point, what you saw conflicted with your world […]

There are a lot of conspiracy theories on how apple might be purposely playing with the software of existing iPhones, when a new one launches Reports of phones slowing down, sudden problems – are all well documented. Of course never proven to be true. Here is a conspiracy theory that goes beyond My current iPhone […]

I see incentives as an intersection of two traits How predictable are they? How accurate are they? Predictability: Do I know of them beforehand Can I predict what they are Do I have an understanding of how it works Accuracy: Are they correctly measured? Are they accurately delivered? Are they tracked correctly? If you think […]

In 1983, a talented young guitarist was kicked out of his band. With apparently no warning. Handed over a bus ticket and told to go back home, 2 days before the band’s first recording On the journey back home, the guitarist, just as all of us, started speaking to himself “Was this really happening?” “To […]

Rush hour

22, Sep 2017

It takes me 40 mins to reach work everyday Anytime of the day The road is a smooth ride – traffic but not enough to stall. A 30km stretch with no red lights. But every now and then, someone with a sense of urgency will go berserk Change lanes Honk Brake Accelerate Jeopardize not just […]

Two stories that somehow found a connection I have been experiencing back pain persistently for 3 weeks now. Because of which I haven’t been to the gym these past 3 weeks And I have been missing it Missing it – because that’s where I feel I prepared most for life, from a mental strength perspective […]

In a seminal 2002 study, 3 scientists put 12-month old infants through an experiment Through a glass window, the infants saw a man enter a room. In front of the man was a large “something” with a huge button The man banged his head into the button and lo behold – there was confetti like […]


11, Sep 2017

Most of us have been raised to admire the extra ordinary To be inspired by them To be in awe of them To want to become them BUT Most of us have been raised to be ordinary To be average To follow the herd To take the path already taken To admire is easy It’s […]