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IPL is about India?

29, May 2011

I love rediff comments. I especially love what it does to every Indian. Article on Chennai winning IPL… …comment from reader! Its amazing that an Indian has lifted the IPL trophy. Every team should have an Indian captain so that whenever someone wins, an Indian lifts the trophy! Such joy! This is precisely what makes […]

I dont take responsibility for any pain that WILL BE inflicted on you, once you attempt to do so…but nonetheless…try it! What to do in a flight when you have an annoying passenger sitting next to you: 1. Remove your laptop from the case 2. Open the laptop slowly and carefully 3. Turn it on, […]

Not to say that I wasnt happy with the iPad, but even Rakhi Sawant would realize that its not technically the most optimal product! In this size (and coming from Apple), one could have expected – a full-size keyboard, USB ports, Flash support, in-built drive, mouse support, webcam etc etc Am so glad the iPad […]

1. The first thing you say when you call other people is not “How are you”, but “Where are you” 2. You haven’t played solitaire with real cards in years. 3. You have a list of 15 phone numbers to reach your family of three. 4. You e-mail the person who works at the desk […]

My World My Eyes 5

8, Jan 2010

F*** Business School – yah thats pretty much what I would say to most people who want to do an MBA! :) Cap Courtesy: Shantanu (Tuck Business School Alumnus)

My World My Eyes 4

15, Dec 2009

Outside the office of one of my clients!

I am a consultant, and honestly, the word slideshow (as expected) is quite sacrosanct in the profession. It not only defines our very existence, it is also proven to the perfect hypnotic pendulum swung infront of clients with the chant “your business is doomed…we can save it if you give us all your revenue” but evidently, a […]

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Or why automated responses to most queries fall flat! Take your pick!

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“You can’t produce a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant. It just doesn’t work that way.” Read some other gems from the Investing Master

1. You can drive through a falling building without a scratch. 12. Giant tsunamis can rise higher than the Himalayas. 13. Russians are very funny. 14. When the world is going to end and there are “ships” designed to save people from the event, you can’t get on one if you don’t have 1 billion […]

Hemant Mehta wonderfully creates a flowchart to determine which Religion should one follow! While I wish there didnt exist a need for religion to exist alltogether, the flowchart is nonetheless quite a nice attempt. Where do you lie?

WHO are these girls…why…why…why would they do this to themselves…AND to the world around them! I wanna meet these chicks man… actually…nevermind! Brilliance of the article is captured in this one statement “Swayamvar Season 2 while following a similar format as its predecessor will have a complete unique spin. 16 men were wooing Rakhi, now […]

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This is indeed historic…and needless to say…had to happen…the IIMs were never a match for the full-page ads…(and OMG…a FREE trip out of India…AND a FREE Laptop…just too much to handle!)

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This is one of the funniest unedited news reporting I have seen….can we please have similar ones from AajTak…!

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we have to do it…

4, Sep 2009

back when I used to fly to Dubai for work…Emirates Airlines was like second home. Its not funny the number the movies I have watched…and the amount of fun me and my team mates have had on those flights. I was remembering one such instance this morning…and realized that I had blogged about it previously. […]

1. 2-seater, open from almost all sides 2. Most efficient model ever produced, in terms of fuel economy 3. All-terrain vehicle How do these guys keep producing such gems…one after the other…! In Awe of BMW Courtesy: Failblog

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This is the craziest thing i have seen in a long long time….! ofcourse…the craziest thing i have heard lately is the SRK ‘detention’…! Think about it…what if the guard’s name was Keith Johnson…and he just…in all good intentions…went…”oh my f***ing god…is that you…Shahrookh khaaan”…! f*** me…! wassup dude…i am KJo…!”… Maybe SRK went into […]

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This is simply amazing….whats even more amazing is how expressionless these friggin passengers were all through the annoucement…but then they finally clapped towards the end…! southwest simply rocks when it comes to such things…! :)

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there is no…and i mean NO better use of one’s time then to read the comments below every rediff article…! they not only stamp my blindfolded belief that we Indians have the most time in this world to simply do nothing….it also helps one to capture the utter stupidity of a certain section of the […]

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