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When you are not practicing, someone else is. And when you meet each other, they will win.  This paranoia drove me in 2016. I double down-ed on the practice. To prepare for the right time, not knowing when it will come. Not worrying about it either. This list is a compilation of the content pieces that […]

Every morning we wake up with a feeling. A certain emotion.  Somehow the emotion controls our day. The rest of the day becomes captive to that thought you started it with.  Hence, the world tells you – wake up with the right feeling. Go to bed feeling the right things. That sets the tone for […]

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Everyday we read news and hear stories about people that die on the streets of india.  Most of them are under the influence of alcohol when the accident happened.  we feel sorry.  And we think we are above this. We know when to stop. We are in control. We know the roads. We know ourselves.  […]

A lifeOf ambition  Of labor Not just physical but emotional Of no regrets Of time as the biggest weapon you have Of will the only four letter word And at the end of the long hard day When you look up Not for inspiration  Not in desperation  But just to acknowledge the power of your […]

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You deserve more 

19, Aug 2015

The past weekend led a bunch of us to realize that we are always surrounded by people that are always working hard. Never stopping. Never believing that it’s over. Never saying I quit.  And when we meet them, life forces us to say “you deserve more”  These 3 words are powerful. They represent faith, belief, […]

Sense of entitlement

30, Jul 2015

As a country, we are used to being served. There have always been people around us, giving us what we want. Maids Helpers Petrol pulp attendants The kirana store that delivers, on credit And that’s given us a false sense of entitlement My admission is the responsibility of the government My job is the responsibility […]

Leaving for work early

27, Jul 2015

There is something magical about leaving for work early Little traffic around You get to see the journey in a different light, observe the signals, realize how wide the road actually is You don’t brake often You don’t accelerate unnecessarily You optimize for your fuel The stress is invisible, there is no reason for it […]

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We grew up without money. Ma and Papa worked all their life and couldn’t make enough to save. Yet they gave us the best life they could. We went to top schools. Had a fulfilling childhood. But I grew up looking at my parents having a life of struggle. Of unfulfilled desires. A life where […]

Opportunity cost is a concept meant for business. Not for human actions. For human actions we always best the full cost. Not the incremental one. It’s not just one more abuse Or one more one night stand One more act of bribery One more act of fraud One more act of cheating It’s all of […]

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Hans Zimmer

20, Jul 2015

Do you know of him? I didn’t till about 6 months back. And then I realized I have known him for a long time. For a really long time. Because he has composed music for almost all the movies I have ever loved. At times, you don’t have to be visible to create an impact. […]

Email this morning Hello Ankur, rather Hello Ankur Sir.. I recently checked some pics posted by my college Indian Institute of Foreign Trade & saw CEO Groupon delivering a guest lecture. AND it turned out to be you Pheww…To be frank i never bothered to check out your professional profile and  was talking to you […]

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The Industrial Age it seems was built on information asymmetry. People were powerful not because of what they did but because of what they knew.  And I hate that world.  Closed door strategy meetings  Getting your colleagues to sign endless non compete documents  Being secretive about your financials  Being secretive about salaries  NDAs floating all […]

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Rone se kuch nahi hota

24, Jun 2015

Koshish karne se hota hai Nothing happens if you cry It only happens if you try This is what I keep telling vidur all the time This is the only thing I want to tell him all his life

Not to 

28, May 2015

the easiest thing in the world is not to Not to do it Not to go the extra mile Not to call that person Not to work beyond hours  Not to show concern  Not to work out  Not to save  Not to help Not to own it It’s the path of least resistance. The path […]

A bank interest rate? A fixed deposit rate? A stock market rate? An extremely risky investment rate? It shocks me how casual people are towards their money. Considering the percentage of people unhappy with their jobs, it’s amazing how many disrespect perhaps the only thing they are working for. Be brutal with your money. Make […]

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On your marks

25, May 2015

Circa 1998 Class 12th Results Got a 57 in English An 84% overall Much lesser than what I wanted Much lesser than what I had worked for I cried And I cried Life has changed me over the years But for all those going through the same thing at this precise moment, you dont have […]

Think of all the times you have forced a change into yourself.  And then think of what prompted it.  And then think of the likelihood of that prompt happening again. To the same effect of brining about a positive change.  If it’s highly improbable, you clearly are riding on destiny!  My health journey started because […]

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Who is your friend?

22, May 2015

I recall a fascinating conversation with ruchi sometime back. She asked – who is a true friend? Someone who is sad at your loss or happy for your success. My instant reaction was the former. All our lives we have been trained to believe a friend in need is a friend indeed. She offered a […]


20, May 2015

A middle class hard working guy owned a horse. One day, while he was passing through the forest on his horse, he was stopped by an ailing poor man. The poor man wanted a ride. Moved by his condition, the horse owner stopped, climbed down and with great effort placed the ailing man on top […]

Herd sentiment

8, May 2015

On my way to the gym there is a corner which always have a bunch of college students trying to hitch a ride. I stop mostly. And have a nice morning chat before dropping them in front of the gates, which incidentally little more than a km away. For the past few mornings I didn’t. […]