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Aug 5th

6, Aug 2015

At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to this. A moment comes, which comes but rarely in history, when we step out from the old to the new, when an age ends, and when the soul of an organization, long suppressed, finds utterance.

Hiring and firing

20, Apr 2015

Something I read several years ago has always stated with me I have never regretted firing someone. I have only regretted how late I did it. And so the question stems – how long before you fire someone. I would start at the selection itself. Groupon has this test we give every candidate before the […]

The hiring pitch

31, Mar 2015

Pitch 1: We have an awesome culture We have the smartest people We have free lunch We have low attrition We have great compensation figures We have an open door policy We are awesome! Pitch 2: Here is what we have done Here is what we want to do Here is why it’s not a […]

Scaling up

5, Mar 2015

Fascinating conversation with an industry colleague, this morning. Key take away Companies don’t need to scale up in numbers, to scale up They need to scale up in mindset!

Teach me something

27, Feb 2015

A fascinating interview question,  especially for product managers,  is Assume you are a teacher. Teach me something I dont know of In one stroke this exhibits several important traits of a successful product manager Ability to structure thoughts Communicate clearly Ask for feedback In the past 2 days alone I have learnt Why acute mountain […]

Pick one

23, Feb 2015

Here are my favorite interviews questions 1. Speed or perfection? 2. Spontaneous or calculative? 3. Money or power? 4. Starting things or finishing things? 5. Institute or course? Neither of them have a right or wrong answer. But here is the worst response – “both” Life doesn’t always give you both. Most of life is […]

Lonely at the top?

6, Sep 2014

I still remember the call with the Groupon UK CEO, just as I had been named the India CEO The call was brief. Congratulations, a few pieces of advice and an ending remark “Call me whenever you feel like. It’s lonely at the top” I didn’t make much of the last remark. Because I never […]

Fortune India 40 Under 40 List! This month has been particular generous on me. Won the Promising Entrepreneur of 2013, awarded by Enterprise Asia Got listed as part of the India’s 25 Hottest Young Executives (under 40) by Business Today

Considering my “fancy title”, most candidates I meet everyday have already gone through multiple technical and qualifier interview rounds. I am fortunate to meet the best of the crowd. And I am entrusted upon conducting the “final interview round” – also fashionably termed as the “culture round”! 3 questions make up this round for me […]

Perseverence… Ajay Singh tells me that this deal took him 1.5 years to close! I would believe him anyday… There was a time we used to run 1 deal for 3 days, because we didnt have many. Today the site has 950+ deals at any stage. All of them deals that we ourselves will buy. There […]

It is Appraisal month at Groupon. We had conducted the entire event last year in paper format and wanted to transfer all of it online. In the hunt for a Performance Management Solution, we came across EmployWise – whom we have finally started working with. This is not an endorsement post, since we are yet […]

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Seeking sponsorships

23, Dec 2012

Ever since our TV Campaigns went off, the deluge of sponsorship emails has been uncanny. However, what came in today, caught my attention. I rarely respond to such emails unless they catch my attention in the right manner. This one did too, though not for the right reasons   Original Email edited <> 7:53 PM […]

What next?

21, Jul 2012

What next is an extremely easy question to answer when you are starting up. There are problems to solve, growth to be achieved, paths to be discovered and segments to be scaled. It’s the hardest question when you are big. Replace starting up and big with something new and something old – and you have […]

I met a good friend after ages yesterday. Clearly one of the smartest, sharpest and passionate guys I know. He runs a fascinating company called Akosha and we caught up for the same. He had questions on how to grow, how to manage people, how to balance growth and expenses, how to free up his […]

Ever since I took over the fancy title, my email volume (both work and personal) has increased by about 260%. I am averaging around 230 work emails and 45 personal emails every day. But here is the ironic part I feel I am getting more signal than noise now. I am a BIG supporter of […]

You learn everyday!

7, Sep 2011

The deals business makes you go through a beautiful ride everyday! It’s so close to the customers – every step and action of yours is public. Margin of error is…! So we had this deal, that I thought was interesting. It runs today in Delhi – doorstep beauty service by VLCC – you know the […]