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Scaling up

5, Mar 2015

Fascinating conversation with an industry colleague, this morning. Key take away Companies don’t need to scale up in numbers, to scale up They need to scale up in mindset!

It’s big enough!

4, Jun 2014 Move straight to 4:46 I would want to see this everyday of my life. And remind myself that the vision I work towards is always going to be orders of magnitude bigger than the tasks I conduct today. Don’t question your days. Don’t size the vision It’s big enough!

The Internet has a fundamental problem. You don’t get to meet your customers. They only call you or write in. And when they do so, they only share what they have been through. What they will never share, is how they feel! Experience is factual. Can be described, can be written about, can be talked […]

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On any given day, I receive 30-50 emails from customers. I would bucket them in 3 categories – positive feedback (about things that are right or wrong with crazeal – these emails basically help us improve), enquiries (please tell me how to) and complaints (I had a bad experience on crazeal) The complaints category is […]

Seth is again so so true! And I see it everyday The customer who thinks he should have got 2 units, because we were selling a “pair” of shorts The customer who thinks the order should reach him within 24 hours, because he has paid for it The customer who thinks that its OK to […]

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It was so heartening to read about Avnish Bajaj talk about how the Indian ecommerce is over-invested (in the short term). I have maintained that a large part of the reason why ecommerce is nothing but a subsidized sales industry right now, is the investing world. A lot of institutional money has flown in, with […]

I hope this isnt true for Indian entrepreneurs! Internet Entrepreneurs Are Like Professional Athletes, They Peak Around 25

I have made a lot of mistakes in life. One in particular that I remember was during the early days of StudyNation. The product had not had a good start (we had launched as Our SEO strategy hadn’t worked as well as we thought. We had to shut down the site and relaunch as […]

Anyone who tracks the Internet space (which doesnt meant FB, btw) would have read Danny Sullivan’s article on how Bing is Cheating and Copying search results from Google. This is brilliant! Not so much for the fact that Bing does this, but for the fact that this is possibly the first time that Google has […]

Paid clicks increased by 18% over corresponding quarter, but CPC increased only 4%. Which could be interpreted several ways! Eric Schmidt steps down as CEO and Larry takes over! Sergey, the nerd, still remains beind the scenes. All of which could be interpreted several ways! Focus for the next 10 years will be mobile! No 2 ways […]

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The Internet has turned out to be an awesomely cost-effective (and no, that doesnt mean cheap. It means just that – Cost effective) medium of promoting oneself. Compared to other channels available, the Internet is far more measurable, controllable and reportable! I am not a big fan of print because it also serves as a […]

So KK came up with this business plan (I feel bad for him, because he consults me on these multiple plans he has and I end up dismissing most of them! He must feel I am so full of myself!)

Lets buy bags from cheap production centers such as China and sell them in India

And how will we market them?

We will build a website!

The problem is that most people out there (and KK is surely far advanced than most already) feel that creating a website is equivalent to sales and recognition. Its like in BSchool, whenever the prof asked, “Ok, so how will the product sell?” the answer was invariably almost always “we will advertise”

Doesnt work! Well, mostly!

I LOVE THE INTERNET! Writer Monica Gaudio discovers that one of her articles has been reprinted in a magazine named Cooks Source, without due credits and ofcourse without permission. She writes in to the Editor of the Magazine asking for an apology and (brilliant) a USD 130 donation to the Columbia School of Journalism. Judith […]

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Google launched its Music Search feature in India today. Such an elegant blend of collaboration, technology and customer delight! And at the same time, again disruptive in nature. Direct traffic loss for the music streaming sites, google acquires higher power through search and their argument – hey, we are only increasing discoverability! Double-edged! But neat!

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Some lessons learnt from my experience of dealing with a hacked account! What to do to retrieve your GMail / Email account and what to do thereafter to protect your account. Early this morning, my GMail account was hacked into. I checked my mails as usual around 8am and then had to head straight for a meeting. […]

Not to say that I wasnt happy with the iPad, but even Rakhi Sawant would realize that its not technically the most optimal product! In this size (and coming from Apple), one could have expected – a full-size keyboard, USB ports, Flash support, in-built drive, mouse support, webcam etc etc Am so glad the iPad […]

I am tempted to say this is good news for SecondShaadi, but honestly, if the divorce was caused due to FB, there was a case for it right from the start…! FB would only be an excuse…not the cause…! Facebook fuelling divorce, research claims

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move beyond image panorama….video panorama is here..!! Yellowbird has created a technology that captures video in a 360 degree format. Its awesome..because this is the closest one can get to being there and yet not being there… Watch the video to experience what they have made. The future excites me like anything…!

And this is the battle of the new age, Ladies and Gentlemen! Google vs. Newspaper (and not yet Rupert dude!) So it all started with Rupert suggesting that he will (or can, or whatever) block Newscorp Sites from being part of Google. Basically, stop Google from indexing them and thus not showing them in search […]

Not that we didn’t know it…but its fascinating…and equally scary…to see how much of data has google stored through that one single username password of yours..! Gmail, Orkut, Reader, Search, Youtube, Alerts, GTalk…we dont realize how much of time we spend on Google products everyday and how all of those actions are being stored Google […]

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