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…is the same as that to the ISB Class of 2019, 2020, 2021 …was the same as that to all the previous classes 1. Do not feel entitled. The world doesn’t owe you anything  ISB is a trap. The good quality professors, the air conditioned campus, the house keeeping, the catered food, the speedy wifi, […]

I was at ISB Mohali this weekend. Fantastic experience – lovely new campus, enthusiastic bunch of students, wonderful weather, the ISB touch visible all across! One of the clubs had invited me for a talk on entrepreneurship. And I found it best to summarize what it was about, by walking them through their own journey. […]

I think I was one of the first from the ISB community to visit the Mohali campus in Mar 2011, when it was being constructed. Someone thought my photography is worth something and invited a bunch of us to shoot the progress of the campus. You can check these shots here – (I expect to […]

The number of ISB counselling requests have gone up considerably. I guess the fact that this year ISB became India’s largest BSchool (with Mohali) has got to do something with it. With it, unfortunately, the quality didnt go up. People are still not thinking right about an MBA. Or atleast are not being forced to. […]

Now thats an achievement. And honestly, I am quite disturbed at reactions of ISBians who feel ‘saddened’ by IIMA being there at 11. It shows lack of maturity and vision. IIMA is a great school and has possibly single-handedly done a lot for this country. So lets not take it away from them. The ISB […]

Wrote an article for the Mint Newspaper for today’s Career Section. Top business schools across the world follow an admissions process that goes beyond entrance exams and work experience quantum. Today the admission teams look for candidates who have thought through their applications and incorporate their life’s aspirations in these rather than providing rehearsed, socially […]

The Indian School of Business (ISB) today launched a first-of-its-kind program titled the Young Leaders Program – India’s first leadership programme for students in pre-final year of graduation Under the YLP, the ISB will select students who have excellent academic and extra-curricular credentials, and demonstrate leadership potential. They will be mentored and groomed by ISB […]

Solstice happened this weekend from Dec 17-19. ISB was kickstarting the ISB@10 celebrations and our batch was celebrating its 5th year. Needless to say, the 3 days were awesome. The current batch left no stone unturned in making us feel special and ofcourse meeting everyone in the same setting once again can never be boring! […]

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The R1 ISB interviews for Class of 2012 are almost over. Delhi was the last venue (severely postponed because of the Ayodhya verdict – no the panel was not involved in declaring it!!) and a few remain at ISB itself and telephonic. Results are scheduled for Nov 15th and we are pretty much on track. […]

Safe is Risky!

5, Mar 2010

Seth Godin (who aptly has the words GOD in his lastname) wrote this 8 years back…and reposted on his blog today. Brilliant piece. If there was ever a sermon I had to deliver (much to the agony of people around me), I would simply read this out! “…Do you work with people who are still […]

Came back from ISB this weekend, after interviewing Round 2 candidates for the batch of 2011. Its funny (or is tragic the word) that inspite of the sheer amount of open source information available out there…courtesy Pagalguy (and the likes), more than 50% students dont come prepared, in the real sense! One of my favorite […]

Got a call this morning from ISB that the FT Rankings for 2010 have been released and ISB has moved up the ranks to close at Global Rank 12! Fantastic The top 15 schools according to the rankings are: London Business School Wharton Harvard Stanford INSEAD Columbia Business School IE Business School MIT Sloan Chicago […]

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Very Interesting Delivery model that ISB has introduced today…the PGPMAX (Post Graduate Programme in Management for Senior Executives) Basically the program is designed on a schedule that minimises disruption of work and personal pursuits. Participants will typically be on campus for a 6 day schedule of classroom learning once every 6th week. The 6-day schedule […]

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In yet another instance of financial fraud that have emerged like Akshay Kumar’s Films in the last year, Galleon Group’s billionaire founder, Raj Rajaratnam, was charged Friday in a sweeping, $17 million insider-trading case (btw notice how amazingly fast a concept like wikipedia updates on even biographies!) I have never heard of this dude, but […] 1/4th of the average salary quoted there..such joy..!!~aPS: Work is crazyyyyyy…this has been by far the deadliest project at ATK. in every which way…! am just praying for a calm end…

when DM was promoted to principal earlier this year i remeber him telling me…“as a manager i got to know your batch closely…cause i was involved with the day-to-day activities of the engagement. however….yours will be the last batch i shall know directly. cause now…as a principal…i will be ‘away’…”that how i felt when the […]


8, Apr 2007

i am a sucker for relationships…and i have always told my mum…never fret over anything that can be bought by money. always regret relationships that you havent worked on…after almost a month…it is these emotions that compelled me to write. (un)fortunately…this wont be an anecdote…surely wont be amusing…so there…dont tell me tht i didnt warn…the […]

balls of steel…

7, Jan 2007

no no no no no….busy….heck no…. ummm…yeah…vacationing…and hence lazy….more like it…!! not that life stopped…so hv a lot to share…so much that i hv forgotten most of it… Solstice Cudnt have asked for more….it was jst perfect. everything abt it…! meeting everyone again..walking down those roads again…as if you had never left…spending time doing just […]

orgasmed again…

18, Dec 2006

at times i wonder what my mum will hv to say about my blogs…and the number of times i use the big O word…!! my guess is she will be shocked at the fact that i know about the word…let alone using it every second line…anyways…my current client had participated in this huge international exhibition […]

it just had to be something to do with coming back…so heck…here i am…i had almost blogged yesterday. dont know how many of you have this keeda in them…but i somehow like things to start..ummm…dont know how to state this…its like…i cud hv blgged on the 28th as well…but then the 1st of nov sounded […]