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If you are reading this review to figure out whether you should go for the movie or not, you are wasting your time. I would suggest you go! If you have already seen the movie, you know you are wasting your time! Avatar is a not so great movie, made fantastically. I honestly went in […]

Paa, in addition to multiple awards (that I am sure it will fetch) should win the Simplest Movie of the Year award. Its a wonderfully simple story, narrated in a simplistic fashion from the eyes of Auro. It is honestly, as if watching the world from the eyes of a kid. Amol (Abhishek Bachchan) is […]

As is with everything else in India…it’s taken us 8 years to realize the impact of 9/11…or maybe it was 26/11 that made us go…”wow, there is a story in there”! Kurbaan is (yet another) version of terrorism under the guise of religion, juxtaposed with a love story (without which there is no desi movie). […]

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1. You can drive through a falling building without a scratch. 12. Giant tsunamis can rise higher than the Himalayas. 13. Russians are very funny. 14. When the world is going to end and there are “ships” designed to save people from the event, you can’t get on one if you don’t have 1 billion […]

District 9 is an absolute gem…and the funny part is…i dont know why! The film has a documentary feel to it…the kind that reminds one of The Blair Witch Project. It starts off with a series of documentary-like interviews, which lay the story for the viewer. An Alien spaceship arrives above Johhannesberg, some 20 years […]

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Geniuses dont do different things…they just do things differently! Imtiaz Ali, in that manner, will classify as a genius. A story that has been beaten to death in Indian Cinema…and yet this dude decides to pick it up…and handle in possibly the most simplistic and elegant manner. Juxtapose it against what we always hear from […]

inspiredR and i were heading towards K’s place. catching up on life in the past 5 days…and planning the evening ahead. its rare that i listen to music in the car when with her…! but had burnt a new CD and (i dont know if someone else has it) there is this unusual excitement as […]