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The hardest thing

3, Jul 2014

Being a foodie and not a morning person, I thought getting 6pack abs will be the hardest thing I will ever do in life And the first month it indeed was Not a moment after that The hardest thing is telling your brain that’s it’s not hard at all!

Time > Money

13, Jun 2014

20 years back I would travel 50km one way and spend an entire day to save Rs. 100 in textbooks and notebooks 15 years back I would stand in line for 2 hours to get a monthly pass made for my bus travel 10 years back I would spend an hour everyday cooking food to […]

Safe sucks

8, Jun 2014

If you have always had enough money in your bank If the car seat plastic is still on If you have never ran to catch a bus If you have never quit a job because you hated it If you have never spoken to a big crowd If you check all doors after you have […]

I grew up dreaming of becoming an astrophysicist. That dream consumed me. I loved everything about the universe and the physics of it. And then, over a year – while I was in my PhD program (and top of my class, with a 100% scholarship) I realized this wasn’t something I will be good at […]

Though I love Quora, I see it tending towards the mass appeal category. Funny answers with no relevance to the question, celebrity responses much lower in quality, non-serious take on the questions – all these are drawing more votes than others. It doesn’t bother me on an intellectual level, but it does throw the answers […]

Emotions are precious

1, Feb 2013

When was the last time you said, I love you When was the last time you checked, are you doing ok? When was the last time you acknowledged, I couldn’t have done this without you? When was the last time you stated, thank god you were there? When was the last time you expressed your […]

Tears in Heaven

29, Dec 2012

Nani does yesterday. She was 93. And very pretty. I have fond memories from childhood with her – as the force that kept the entire family together. She suffered a lot in the past month and I am happy she went away peacefully in her sleep. It was the first time I touched a dead […]

I ran yesterday – for the first time in 8 months. It hurt, quite a bit. The leg is clearly weak and reminds you that natural healing doesn’t happen overnight. However, I didn’t tell anyone that it hurt. Because of which even I forgot about it after a couple of hours. And the day went […]

If there is one thing that life after ISB has made me realize, it’s that work will never stop. I am a workaholic, I love my work and work always assumes priority over most other things. The unfortunate victims of this realisation become friends and family. Hence this 30-day acknowledgement. Over the next 30 days, […]

A regular pay check? Company of people smarter than you? Stability of a big firm? Time with family? Time with friends? Time with books? Time for yourself? Your hobbies? A mind free of thoughts? And what have you gained instead? A smart entrepreneur will always find a way to balance the losses and gains. For […]

What next?

21, Jul 2012

What next is an extremely easy question to answer when you are starting up. There are problems to solve, growth to be achieved, paths to be discovered and segments to be scaled. It’s the hardest question when you are big. Replace starting up and big with something new and something old – and you have […]

Its the most fucked up statement in the world. Doesnt mean anything and clearly doesnt show any intent. Whosoever says “I understand” most likely doesnt. Else he wont be saying this in the first place!

On any given day, I receive 30-50 emails from customers. I would bucket them in 3 categories – positive feedback (about things that are right or wrong with crazeal – these emails basically help us improve), enquiries (please tell me how to) and complaints (I had a bad experience on crazeal) The complaints category is […]

I met a good friend after ages yesterday. Clearly one of the smartest, sharpest and passionate guys I know. He runs a fascinating company called Akosha and we caught up for the same. He had questions on how to grow, how to manage people, how to balance growth and expenses, how to free up his […]

You leave your mark on every life you touch. Mostly unconsciously. Would you leave a different mark, if you knew what you were leaving?

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Managing people has got to the toughest thing in the world. As you grow professionally, the demand to work well with your colleagues grows exponentially. At some point, I believe that people are paid to manage people rather their technical skills. But it still amazes me how many manage through their managerial style. While its […]

Situation 1 A new (non-Delhi/Bangalore) joinee was part of the recently concluded Management Meet. On the 3rd day of the meet, I was in the conference room with my colleagues at 8am, working on a deal that was going live. He comes in and comments “Do you guys work this hard all the time, or […]

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Its easy for everyone to respect someone they don’t know personally. All the big names fall into this bracket. Millions will respect a Mark Zuckerberg, or a Shahrukh Khan, or a Obama or a Sunny Deol (sorry, went too far). Question is, how many respect you after they know you personally! After they have observed […]

Whats harder?

22, Jun 2012

Asking for money, or spending it wisely? Asking for permission, or forgiveness? Being a friend or being a boss? Generating respect or generating fear? Working hard or working smart? To give or to take? To see the world, or to experience it?   We always know the answer, before we even start! Dont we! 

Seth is again so so true! And I see it everyday The customer who thinks he should have got 2 units, because we were selling a “pair” of shorts The customer who thinks the order should reach him within 24 hours, because he has paid for it The customer who thinks that its OK to […]

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