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Choices you make 

6, Oct 2016

March 2014 I missed my connecting flight from Amsterdam to Delhi because the Seattle Amsterdam flight was delayed.  The next one was after 16 hours I was given meal coupons and a fake apology.  I chose not to accept it. Asked for a 24hr visa instead to step out.  It was 7pm when I got […]

Something about cities

21, Jun 2014

Something about cities fascinates me. Captures identity that goes beyond people. These are shots from Singapore.

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I love the month of October. It has a festive feel to itself, with the weather changing, the discounts increasing, Dusshera and Durga Puja celebrations. This year however, Delhi wore a festive look early on itself with the CWG. I still recall how scared I was for India, during the runup to the games and […]

Albert Einstein, the genius physicist whose theories changed our ideas of how the universe works, died 55 years ago, on April 18, 1955, of heart failure. He was 76. His funeral and cremation were intensely private affairs, and only one photographer managed to capture the events of that extraordinary day: LIFE magazine’s Ralph Morse. Click […]

Went for a 4 hour shoot last Saturday with Prameet, to Chandni Chowk (& Jama Masjid). Great experience…fantastic feel to the city early morning (we reached a little late around 7am). Worth the entire effort…! Click on the image to go to the gallery

I know that stunning is not quite an apt word to describe these photos, but honestly…these are! I only wish the occasion was something pleasant to remember! These were released by the New York City Police Department and provided on Feb 10, 2010. Check out all the snaps here

My World My Eyes 5

8, Jan 2010

F*** Business School – yah thats pretty much what I would say to most people who want to do an MBA! :) Cap Courtesy: Shantanu (Tuck Business School Alumnus)

Destination: Ranthambore When: Dec 25th – Dec 27th, 2009 Who: 6 of us (3 couples) Stayed: Raj Palace Hotel, Ranthambore Sawai Madhopur. Paid Rs 2,100 per night including breakfast. Average hotel. Rooms are quite small, not well-lit or airy! Service is slow. Would not recommend. Read my TripAdvisor Review here Transport: Went by train from […]

My World My Eyes 4

15, Dec 2009

Outside the office of one of my clients!

My World My Eyes 3

11, Dec 2009

Steve Jobs would be a really happy man today! My grandmum speaking to her sister in the US, using my iPhone and the handsfree!

My World My Eyes 2

12, Oct 2009

My World…My Eyes – 2 just…Hanging in there…just hanging

My World Your Eyes 1

12, Oct 2009

I start a regular PhotoFeature which captures day-to-day life…from my phone, camera…my eyes! My World My Eyes – 1 A road-side astrologer predicting the lives of multiple people…at one go!

baby feet

7, Jul 2009

Sarthak sleeping…blissfully unaware that he is being clicked…!

static life in motion

1, Jul 2009

went on a small weekend trip to Mussoorie…not before we caught an awesome movie “New York” – the review of which is pending and shall be definitely done this week… here is ruchi waiting for our friends to show up…as life moves on…!

that smile…

1, Jul 2009

ruchi loves this crazy game that i just cant figure out…one because it has colors that i can never identify (i am colorblind…! and so could be you…check here!) and two because the game is crap…! iPhone games are wayyyy better… here is she…taking a smiling break from her game…for the love of me…i cant […]

sea cloud

1, Jul 2009

mussoorie moon…

1, Jul 2009

This is it….

3, Jul 2008

This makes me happy…very very happy… Circulate……blog…do whatever…let the world know that I have clicked this…! :) Well…comments plz…before anything else… ~a


25, Jun 2008

Here is it… ~a

Went to this fantastic place last weekend – Shaheen Bagh. Its a resort about 10 kms off Dehradun…! Beautifully done…quite majestic…and decently affordable. Rooms are available starting 4,500 (all meals included). If at all you go…make sure you pick up the poolside room. Its somehow the cheapest but the best in terms of location. For […]