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Build vs buy

15, Feb 2018

Build: We should build the capability of doing this in house. It’s core to us and we have the expertise to build it. Buy: This is important to us but we either don’t have the expertise to build it or the time to invest in it. We will be faster or better getting it done […]

I am the best result I know – of a genetic socioeconomic lottery.  Born into a family that loved me immensely, inculcated the right value system, could afford quality educated, provided food and shelter.  Nothing even remotely as bad as most people in the world have. All this, for no hard work on my part.  […]

At times you find life lessons in the oddest of places.  Security messages when you are onboard the aircraft are mostly considered useless. You have heard them several times. Of course you know how to use a seat belt. It’s 2017! And no, when something bad happens we won’t remember to follow the lights on […]

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IQ was what got the previous generation to succeed. Mostly.  Not anymore.  In today’s world of distraction, instant gratification, unlimited access and boundless opportunities – your ability to focus is what will make you stand out.  Focus is the new IQ Here is the deal about focus It’s spelled as “consistency”  The irony of today’s […]

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NO! Smart people and nice people think their smartness and niceness diminishes each time they say no to someone.  They believe they are saying no to their own capability of helping.  To their own ability to solve.  What we rarely realize is that the art of saying no is the highest level of respect you […]

I have a “problem” I have been trained to think that everything is a consequence of me. I am the source of the current situation. My thoughts, my actions led to what we are witnessing, especially if it’s bad.  I may not admit it all the time, but within I am already cursing myself. Scrutinizing […]

Stick to your decisions  It’s terrible advice, in my opinion, in these times.  The platform that we are all standing on today, is changing.  Every moment.  The only religion then, worthy of standing by, is the belief that you took the best possible decision in the circumstance that you were in, with the data that […]

I am scared 

20, Oct 2016

I am scared Not because I have witnessed the result of the decisions Not because I know exactly how much it will take Not because I have failed before and know what it feels like Rather I have heard how it sounds I have been told what failure is like I have seen it from […]

Three reasons Misalignment of incentives: happens 20% of the cases The conflicting parties are not aligned towards the same goals. One has been told to increase sales at all costs. One has been told to reduce costs whatever it takes. Managers are almost always to be blamed. Leadership is the root cause here. Rather poor […]

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Each time I interview people, we have the office boy come in and ask for tea or coffee.  When it is served, I look for the response No thank you? Thank you? Thank you Bhaiya (or equivalent)? Tells me something about the person.  —- I play a sadist game on the office floor. Drop a […]

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As a society, we suck at how we react to an apology.  Especially when we are mad at the other person.  I won Hah, finally admitted their mistake  I had been saying it all along, hadn’t I  Don’t ever do it again  Why did you even do it  What were you thinking  It’s too late  […]

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Whenever I have made this statement, I realize the irony of it.  I haven’t worked with these individuals. Because they have worked on their own. Every single time.  No instructions were ever needed.  No prescriptions were ever shared.  No reviews were ever conducted.  No follow up was ever needed.  I technically didn’t work with them.  […]

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The world has a very convenient definition of cheating, based on a highly misplaced sense of morality.  If you are physically or emotionally involved with a person outside of your current relationship – that’s cheating.  Strangely enough, the necessary condition is not the physical or emotional attachment, rather the existence of another person in the […]

It’s been 10 years since I graduated from ISB. and there are days I still miss it. It was such a happy phase.  I miss my DU days too. Getting to know Ruchi and getting to know my own self. It was such a happy phase.  Consulting was so much fun. Smart people. Great work. […]

I am always taking decisions. That’s what I love to do. Take decisions.  And that takes brain space.  And I would like to believe that it’s not unlimited. It has great potential, but it has a limit.  And if it does – my job then becomes to free my brain space of as many useless […]

Most people only pay attention to the final product of the successful entrepreneur But what most don’t see is what they have overcome You see, the biggest difference between the ones who succeed and the one who didnt Is that they showed up everyday They hustled everyday They learnt new things everyday They improved everyday […]

Answer by Ankur Warikoo: Because I did! Failed JEE twice. Infact thrice – didn't even make it through the entrance test for Masters. And I think I have done just fine. Have an awesome family, an unbelievably fun job, super smart colleagues, friends that care for me. And a life worthy of responding to this […]

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I grew up containing my emotions. It wasn’t for you to share or express what you felt towards them. It was expected that the opposite person would understand your emotions. By age I have become wiser. It’s perhaps the most important gift I have given myself. I have lowered my emotional guard. The next time […]

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Call in sick

22, Jun 2015

There are 2 occasions when people call in sick When they really are And when they are not, but wish they were Look around you All the successful people The ones whom you want to be As rich, as famous, as inspirational, as enigmatic And then ask them – how many times did you call […]

Don’t use machines

29, May 2015

Become one!