Curse of intelligence 

21 Apr

Intelligent people find it hard to say no, when asked for a solution to a problem 

Intelligent people think that if something takes “just a little time” it should be done right away 

Intelligent people think handling urgency is helpful 

Intelligent people are addicted to instant gratification (and acknowledgement) 

Intelligent people are always flexible with their plans. I am accommodating, they say. 

Intelligent people are cursed. 

By their own intelligence. 

Those who are not, are called smart 

Smart people recognize that the work they are doing right now is for a reason. 

It may not have an output in 2 days, but if their postpone it to pick something else, they will delay the future. 

Smart people know the difference between urgent and important 

Smart people are not flexible with their plans. Only with their thoughts. 

And that’s why you find intelligence in abundance

And smartness rarely

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April 23rd, 2016 at 5:28 am

Subjectivity galore. That would depend, on how one chooses to define intelligence or smartness!

Google definitions:
Intelligence: ability to acquire and apply knowledge
Smart : ability to think/respond quickly and effectively by acquiring knowledge

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