…dead week starts…

1 Jun

so…its dead week time…just a week for the finals to end…(which also means that had i been at msu right now..shaving would have stopped…as part of a ritual…). loads of stuff to cover…however the going isnt that bad as of now. got the score for the stats mid term…could have done better…but what the heck…!

life otherwise has been smooth. my room after 9 replicates the ambiance of a tuition center…with atleast 2 (it hit 6 last night…!) people…(or as R puts it…mostly girls…!) trying to figure out the nuances of MC, MR and similar BS…!

great news…in the last 3 days N has had just 1 smoke. which gave me such a kickass thrill that i treated everyone to an ice-cream. its awesome to see someone take an initiative to get rid of all the cheapass ‘qualities’ they have housed within themselves for years. i wish i could do that…but i am glad that atleast someone i know could…and hopefully will continue to do so…

missing u R…love u more than i can ever express in words…


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June 1st, 2005 at 9:50 pm

I didnt know that you didnt shave during exams times either. I wonder if it was bcoz you were too lazy or tied up with studying, but I and the whole argonauts group wouldnt shave as a ritual during the finals time to applease the “hair” gods so that we could get better grades :)

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