Dec 31st

29 Dec

Humans, by design, crave for security and comfort. And we call it different things 





Dec 31st is the biggest structure created by mankind. 

Nothing changes that day or the day after. 

The sun doesn’t reset. Nor does the clock. 

Climate doesn’t change. Nor do the people around us. 

What changes though are emotions 

Every single individual out there resets their emotions on dec 31st. 

Reflect on the year gone by. Predict the year to come. Make promises. Correct the mistakes from the past. Plan ahead. 

The 365 day structure makes us operate psychologically in a powerful way. Nothing else drives humans across the world in such a concentrated fashion. 

And I think

If the 365 day structure was man made. So can be the 1 day structure that I make. 

Resetting my emotions at the end of everyday. 

Reflect on the day gone by. Predict the day to come. Make promises. Correct the mistakes from the past. Plan ahead. 

Everyday is a Dec 31st

It’s your choice to have 1 of them in a year

Or 365! 

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The Hermit

January 22nd, 2016 at 9:01 pm

Exactly!!! But don’t you think everything is more or less a structure? The web has become so strong that barely people get to escape it. You can only escape the matrix through “Introspection”which is a rare phenomenon in the present times. We as a society are largely taught to look ‘outwards’ rather than ‘inwards’. The validation for the same is how TOI sees the relationship of Ranbir and Katrina as a national interest now. How often do we see articles like, “Bill sits in-front of the mirror everyday, Bill likes to question his reality and existence, Bill is not a sheep in the herd, Bill is foolish, Kill bill.”

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