11 Dec


Life since last Thursday…(and my last entry) has been quite amazing. Its moving at the speed of light…things are still pretty much dark at times…and there is so much of stuff happening around that even excel sheets are not working as part of an organizing strategy…!

Had gone to TAPMI for the Young Business Leader competition. Now at 25…I wont call myself exactly old…! But then once you go to other b-schools…you realize you are of the prof’s age…(well…even we have someone like that for our private equity course this term…will talk about him later)…and people kind of get intimidated that I come from a school with average 5 years of experience.

But then…its only time before they realize that this individual is not quite what you believed him to be. For one…he randomly smiles at every other person on the street…is painfully cordial…and doesn’t quite bring much to the table…!

I can surely say that the amount I learnt those 3 days at TAPMI…was much much more than I could have possible given back…no matter what my past credentials might indicate…!

The 3 days were rigorous. It surely wasn’t anything I expected, when I left. We slept for all together say 5 hours…and we were working…and I mean…seriously working…throughout this period. There were team games, individual games…games that simulated the right side…and the left side.

  1. ad making
  2. debate
  3. negotiation
  4. trading simulation
  5. business plan presentation
  6. obituary making
  7. designing of a business game
  8. interviews with the director
  9. quiz
  10. trekking
  11. psychometric tests

we went through this all…! Made awesome friends…very very smart people…all of them true business leaders…or almost on their way.

In the end the IIM-B guy won. And he truly deserved it. Extremely smart chap…very confident…awesome inter personal skills. I gave him a special invite to Poseidon…lets hope he makes it.

Doesn’t it happen to everyone? When you come back from a vacation…you feel dreadful. Cause life…and not a very comfortable one, that is…is waiting for you. Hands on the waist…giving you that “you thought you could escape me” look…

That’s what happened. Monday was a strong reality check. Assignments, missed classed…Poseidon overload (though I have to admit that G did a breathtaking job of handling my responsibility while I was away)…and what not…

Have managed to get back to rhythm…

Solstice is happening this weekend. That’s out alumni reunion. Last night was the party…and as always A did an outstanding job of it. I see a lot of dedication in that guy…and his hecticness (similar to P’s) is somehow very catchy. He is a kid though…and its very easy for him to get swayed by his own ideas. Nevertheless…he is surely going to kick some mighty ass in the future…! I would love to work with him one day…

Anyways…so…alumni…! Quite a few of them have turned up. 176 in all. The campus is lively…and its fun to see so many people all around. This makes me look forward to Poseidon…(with the added selfish motive to get over with it asap…!!)

Term 6…! Awesome in terms of the profs…and the courses are rocking too…

Financial Engineering.
People took this with scared looks. I mean…history tells that 3 out of 4 suicides in the past 30 years have been financial engineers…! Last year’s stats told us that the work load would drive one to insanity…or…insanity…whichever comes earlier…!
Krishna (the prof) changed it all. He is god…no let me repeat that…HE IS GOD…! Absolutely outstanding…so awesome that I think I get a small orgasm every class (dude…whats up with your orgasms man…!!!). He makes the entire subject sail through as smoothly as we could never imagined. A total pleasure to be in his class.

Private Equity
Vinay (the prof) was the lyricist for Alanis’ ‘Hand in my pocket’…if you know what I mean. I had heard a lot about him from A, since he was A’s senior at IIT-M. he was an RJ for the Chennai FM…a state level cricket player…some governor’s medal recipient…and was technically the last person in the batch who could have become a prof. He is an assnt prof at Wharton…! And a smart one that is. Girls are falling over him…and he does (admittedly) have a personality that solicits the same. Oh…btw…he is a good prof too…! :)

Risk Management
Anurag is one smart guy. The course is very interesting and he makes it even more so…no exams…only 6 assignments comprising 1/6th of the grade each. Straightforward course…some bit of numbers…lot of thinking…! good stuff…

Managing in a global environment
Kevin reminds me of this typical lansing guy I would met at MSU. US village guy…very different from the usual American guy picture. He is a fun guy…and the course suits him a lot. He speaks very openly about the US…the rights and the wrongs. And engages the class in some very interesting discussions. Rather nice course…even though it falls in the ‘faff’ category…!

Life’s good…! extremely engaging…but very good…!


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December 12th, 2005 at 5:30 pm

coffee and more…..!!

it was fun…..



December 12th, 2005 at 6:00 pm

is this who i think it is…?





December 15th, 2005 at 1:51 am

Heyyy totally enjoyed your posts.Yeah what is with your orgasms dude??? :)



December 15th, 2005 at 1:56 am

see…here is the deal. the chinese have recently developed a ‘made in chine’ viagra. and true to their tradition…they r dumping it in the indian economy.

i recently won the natiowide ‘viagre enthusiast’ competition…which entitles me to a forced intake of 1 pill/day…

and hence the orgasm at the drop of a hat…!

as u can see…i suffer from mental stress…!




December 16th, 2005 at 3:57 am

ROTFL…the mental stress is supposed to lessen any further chances of having an orgasm..when I last figured the facts about it..But kudos to you…have fun..

So you guys already have placement interviews haan?Good luck..Oh btw..I stumbled upon your blog through Sayesha’s!..



December 16th, 2005 at 4:27 am

ohhh…some learning in here huh. well…u see…what u say is true in theory…however if that was indeed the case then clinton wud hv never screwed lewinsky…

i mean…for god sake…clinto..president US..mental stress…cmmmooonnnnn!!!

alright…bad one…!

placements…no they havent…in feb.

where r u..? btw…who r u…?



December 16th, 2005 at 8:17 am

Well,he would have screamed if she bit him.

Oh a lot of ISBian blogs have placement stuff written all over it or may be I am misunderstanding the whole placement in DB thing.

I am in a place (woman’s body), where orgasms don’t come easy,though I would love to get them at the drop of a hat, stress, or even meethi lassi???!!!!



December 17th, 2005 at 2:01 am

meethi lassi…!!! thats sounds interesting….and very very familiar…




December 17th, 2005 at 11:05 pm

Duh?!!! got that from one of your earlier posts.Ok enough about the big ‘O’.

See ya around!Cheers.



December 18th, 2005 at 5:44 pm

“kind of get intimidated that I come from a school with average 5 years of experience.”

Uncle-ji, just because you are bald and need a viagra to get an erection to pee doesn’t mean others are intimidated of you.

“and doesn’t quite bring much to the table…! ”

Well, we finally agree on something.

“was much much more than I could have possible given back”

If you want to give back, you can give your hot sister to all us horny TAPMI guys.

“no matter what my past credentials might indicate”

Fucktart, your past credentials indicate that you’re a loser — and YBL just proved the obvious.

“We slept for all together say 5 hours”

Stop pretending you had group sex. Nobody wants to sleep with an Uncle-ji.

“throughout this period”

Ordinary males don’t have periods. I was confused about your gender; this only muddles the water more.

“Made awesome friends”

As long as you have $$, we can be friends, though I think you’re a worthless SOB mooching off your dad who is now funding you as payment for all the consensual sex he had with you during your adolescence.

“In the end the IIM-B guy won. And he truly deserved it. Extremely smart chap…very confident…awesome inter personal skills”

With losers like you for competitors .. .it’s like USA fighting a war against Ethiopia.

For more incisive comments and bitter truths, mail me at



December 18th, 2005 at 5:58 pm

I have to say i am utterly impressed by:

1. the time you have at your hands
2. the thought behind the entire comment
3. the effort…of actually penning down your thoughts…creating an email address to reflect the context (i am guessing that the alien part of it is not incidental)
4. the entire presntation…

seriously…very impressive. unfotunately i cant do much of what you have asked me to…but then i do agree with a lot of what you have to say…

thanks dude..u opened my eyes…!




December 19th, 2005 at 2:29 am have a friend here don’t ya! Im not quite sure whether there is a problem in this person’s reading, English comprehension, or he is just
dyslexic or schizopherinc like the id hints???

Im not sure which gender or even species this person belongs to but my understanding was that erections aren’t required for peeing.. they are required for having intercourse.Since he does find you an “uncle” this
person has probably not achieved puberty.So yeah might not know about it…Sounds deprived eh? He is even ready to bring in the family…Poor soul.

He is the right about US war on Ethiopia! The comment is just like that, nameless,gutless..on harmless people who don’t have anything to do with it, but yet there is a need to make a noise so that they can be heard or even feared..Yikes!!!



December 19th, 2005 at 2:39 am

…so that they can be heard or even feared…

nicely put…! :)


PS: i liked the US war on ethipia though..pretty funny. reminded me of a robbin williams ‘live at boradway’ show..!

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