finally…a party where everyone’s invited…!

19 Jun

so friday night rocked for ISB. the 25 student elected for the GSb threw a party for the remaining…(and i am sure atleast 80 didnt even know what GSB stands for..!). the party spelled A-W-E-S-O-M-E right from the beginning…afterall check the compnents:

  • free booze
  • the best DJ of town
  • friday night
  • 4 submissions due next week which no one remembered…

and i think it was by far the best party at ISB…

life this weekend has been pretty much normal. saturday was lunch at A’s place…awesome food…awesomer house she has. i would die to have one for myself. her dad’s an interior designer and i guess he is good at his showed…!

there are 4 submissions next week…with classes till saturday. hence loads of work. i guess sardar will come down this week or so. which should be fun as long as he doesnt act stupid and do ‘stuff’ which he shouldnt. however it will be awesome meetin him after so long.

R’s dad was hospitalized because of a fall. he is doing fine but she was quite down last evening. was fine after she went to the dance and got to dance with every tom, dick and harry in the class. how happy does it make her…!! :)

its been awesome weather since last night. it was especially awesome around 4 this morning…and i was out with S recalling my life with astronomy till about 2 years back. i guess it was the first time i felt bad about leaving it…

it’s all good…


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