games people play….

26 Jul

since the day i was born…i have been observing people. i noticed the mole on the doctor who gave birth to me and the fact that her stethoscope’s left earpiece was bigger than the right one..! but then thats not observing people…so nevermind…

i find it as a good pastime…! even mre so when i see some dudes doing stuff that i just dont get…

for instance…picture this…

4 elevators in my office building..! 9am…5 people waiting on the lowest floor to go up…! a gentleman arrives from behind…makes his way through the 5-body crowd…and presses the up button…AGAIN…and AGAIN…!!

wtf was he thinking..! that the 5 of us are long lost buddies who are staring at the elevator walls trying to remember the day we played football in the rain…? or we are just zombies who have been working so hard that we stand infront of elevators wishing and praying that it comes down…u never know…u seee..!!


and picture this….

mumbai airport…the new delhi flight is ready…all lining up to the bus that shall carry them to the machine of tight haristyled women and emotionally poisoned food…! and there you see Aamir Khan…! note that he is not trying to hide him….so if one has been born in the last year…there is no way that you cant recognize him…

a gentleman…mid 40s…comes up to him…and goes…

“are you aamir khan?”

no sherlock…i am bappi lahiri and i have been gyming for the past 6 months. but the friggin gym was so expensive…(bipasha basu also comes there u see)…that i had to sell off all my gold and thus u see me now in a body tight tee…and jeans…and no gold..

this is worse than the pre-historic habit that has engulfed motherkind…of asking…“tum aa gaye” when she saw er son come back from work…

people…i tell u….


work has been crazy lately….but awesome fun. helping shape the future of media and entertainment in india…and its somehow orgasmic to sit back and think that the room you just stepped out of…after your discussion with the CEO…was witness to something that will change the entire landscape forever…

and u urself will get to witness it…



lately i have been itching myself with a lot of b-plans. dont know when and how to take the plunge…cause at some level you know that inaction right now can be suicidal…someone else will surely pick up your idea…and there….gone….

any people who wanna fund me…?


4 Responses to games people play….



July 27th, 2007 at 1:51 am

Procrastination – has to be the worst sin for a productive individual!
Am not saying you are guilty of it, since you are busy reshaping the media and entertainment industry out there :P

Anyway what’s the latest scheme? You lay down the details, funding will flow :)



July 27th, 2007 at 1:41 pm

oh yeah yeah…i smell sarcasm all over..!!

latest scheme is mobile micropayments..! chk out



July 27th, 2007 at 11:36 pm

idea achcha hai.. but dude, cash still rules in India. Moreover anyone with access to a computer might do this offline easily on an excel sheet – and you of all people should know that :P

Ok, sarcasm dripping over again!

Check out and



July 28th, 2007 at 10:47 pm

no dude…i beg to differ..!! cash rules cause other media do not allow easy transfer. u will be amazed at how icici bank’s money transfer has hit off with the population…

prosper and zopa are good…but then..its maybe ahead of its times for india. saale…yahaan log credit card nahi lete…kissi aur ko loan kabhi nahi denge..!! :)

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