hats off dude (rajeshwar)

27 Aug

Its very humbling…life…! Unfortunately…rarely do people come up to someone and tell him why he is so special. However, the few times it happens…you realize the impression that you have left…and the way in which you have unknowingly touched…maybe even influenced people…

Today was one such day. I just find myself lucky to be surrounded with people who think I am worth something. The last class of LDP made us go through half an hour of an extremely fulfilling exercise. Make notes on “I like XXX because…”…where XXX could be just about anyone. And the idea was to personally deliver the note…

I wrote some 40 odd notes…received quite a few as well. More importantly…I realized that no matter how much one is himself…he will never be so…in the real sense. It is as if every person belongs only to this colossal society…where people expect certain things from you…and don’t mind appreciating you if you do fulfill those. And, unlike what many might think, those expectations are not always selfish in nature. Many will be just as happy if you can simply smile at them…everytime you meet them.

Another thing that Rajeshwar talked about (and something that I totally endorse) is how to constantly feed your mind. With material that walks towards the right direction. Most of us cant even start to count the endless hours that we have spent infront of the TV watching Baywatch and kyunki saas bhi kabhi yeh thi aur kabhi woh thi…contaminating our thoughts with particles capable of reproducing at will. And I shudder to think of the effect that all these years of brain drain such episodes have caused…!

I am so glad I have left TV…! However I do read a lot of junk on the net…(which again has reduced somewhat cause of the newly introduced isb web filter…wink wink…!!!)


Studies in full swing…loads of stuff to cover…and the thought of R over is making the same all the more tougher…! However…I shall persist…

Watched an awesome movie last night…yet again…Pi…then sat down and wondered why movies such as these are not made with the frequency I would wish…

Eventually came up with a rather funny list…will share it with you soon…

Pardon me if a blog doesn’t happen before Tuesday…


5 Responses to hats off dude (rajeshwar)



August 27th, 2005 at 5:25 am

glad to note that the webfilter has been of some help:-)



August 27th, 2005 at 11:08 am


4 “A”s laana hai tujhe this time …. darna mat ;-) … meri taraf se koi competition nahi hai :)

so just go 4 it.




August 27th, 2005 at 11:14 am

thanks ram…ab main chainn se 4 A’s laa sakta hoon…

tujh jaise dost bhagwaan sab ko de…!!




August 27th, 2005 at 10:32 pm

bhagwan dost nahi de sakte …. bhagwan toh sirf corp fin mein number kaat sakte hain ;-)

ab toh sirf “bhagwan” (chowdhry) hi bacha sakte hain.



August 27th, 2005 at 10:41 pm

there is a way out…

exam start karne se pehle…bhagwaan ko yaad karna..! exam khatam hone ke baad..bhagwaan ko prasad chhadaana…!

agar phir bhi number naa mile…to bhagwaan ke ghar jaana aur bolna…”khush to bahut hoge tum aaj..”

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