Here are your 4 choices to live life

5 Feb

Choice 1

Nothing that I at an individual level makes any difference. I could save animals, nature, not lie or steal or kill or harm – and yet the world remain the same. So fuck it – I will live life the way I want to. My way! Nothing else matters.

Choice 2

Everything that I do at an individual level matters. If I say no to plastic, leather, non veg food – it matters. If I am a nice kind hearted person – it matters. It makes me feel happy about myself, it gives me a sense of pride. And hence, I will do it – even if it means discomfort at times.

Choice 3

Nothing that I do at an individual level matters, unless I get a lot of people to do the same thing. Make the same choices. And hence I will build a tribe, a community, that’s represents our choices. Because together we can make a difference.

Choice 4

It’s really really hard to change people’s behavior. It’s best to change the entire landscape. Design the new way. Not optimize the current way.

Choice 1: the observer

Choice 2: the doer

Choice 3: the leader

Choice 4: the inventor

Guess which of these choices does the world need more of?

Guess which ones are dominant right now?

2 Responses to Here are your 4 choices to live life



February 5th, 2018 at 11:59 am

I’m #2. Trying to move to #3.

Maybe world needs #3 and #4. #1 is i guess the most population.



February 16th, 2018 at 11:51 am

I think the world is filled with all them but in different numbers. 1>2>3>4. Dominant are the observers today but we need more of leaders

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