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1 Dec

Term 6 has started…as expected. Its 3am and I have got done with my 1st assignment. The instructions on the assignment were:

  1. do not spend more than 1.45 hours on this assignment
  2. it should be 3-4 pages long

my side of the story was something like this…

  1. I started working on it at 5pm…took a dinner break in between…for 30 mins
  2. my 3rd page had just one statement… “and thus I recommend the Japanese inventory financing option”…which when translated means that after god damn 10 hours on this I figured how to write 2 pages…!


Have got all the 4 subjects that I wanted. 3 fin and 1 faf. All courses and the profs seem to be pretty good…atleast from their 1st class. Looking forward to a hectic and meaningful term…

Poseidon is my current crush right now…(ahem…! U know who…!)…and is taking quite a bit of my time. And its awesome fun. Managing so many events…people…their expectations…and how to get our expectations registered onto them. Its all an amazing ride.

Lots of troubles as well…but then dealing with them is the real challenge. You know its funny how people have a parochial view of everything. They think about their event…their club and their direction…while there is a complete set of people who have to look at the bigger picture. And dealing with all this is a tremendously learning experience.

Something really strange is happening to me today. it started at 11am…and hasn’t stopped till now. Bloody hiccups. And trust me…I have tried everything under the sun to stop it…

  • started with drinking water (thanks to me)
  • stopped my breath (thanks to me)
  • lied to people (thanks RB)
  • drank 8 sips of water without breathing…one at a time (thanks KS)
  • closed my ears and nostrils with my 2 hands…pretty much how bully dinosaur would look when trying to scare baby dinosaurs (thanks GC…it did work…for 15 minutes)
  • drank sugar and water mixture (thanks AP)
  • and this is the best…asked people if they were born ulta (head first…!) and then touched their toe to my body…(and NO…IT DIDN’T WORK…thanks AG anyways…)
  • slept down tired…really tired…this is worse than watching a ramsey brothers movie with all the jerks and all…!

Anyways…good nic…!


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December 2nd, 2005 at 10:26 am

Get first hand advice from Giks. He is an expert when it comes to Hics.



December 3rd, 2005 at 12:54 am

Mine lasted close to 5 days, hence i guess i have the expertise give you a few tips! It may be due to Oesophagus acid leakage..So if you have broken your food routine drastically now is the time to correct them. This can be a root cause.
Short term measures-
filling a glass with ice cubes and water, and then drinking it slowly (the rapid change of temperature in the esophagus may shut down the hiccup response)

pulling the tongue with your fingers

stimulating the back of the throat or roof of the mouth with the index finger

while sitting, leaning forward and compressing the chest and diaphragm against the knees

For more details, feel free to call me



March 7th, 2007 at 8:25 pm

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