12 Jan

Long time…


This term has started off with the placement bang…(as expected ofcourse). Am currently on my 17th version of the resume and it just doesn’t seem to stop. At times the content doesn’t fit well…at times the verb…and at times simply the indentation and font. Its actually an awesome art…and somehow I love spending time on it. however its coming at the cost of preparing myself on other fronts (browsing on markets, fin news etc) and that psyches me…! lets see…

The courses are pretty chilled out though.

Branding is one easy ride. Somehow (and don’t take this in a derogatory manner…especially marketing guys)…learning how to market and brand doesn’t seem to be something that requires prior knowledge. In the sense…this is my 1st marketing elective…and I was at ease with the concepts as much as the guy sitting opposite and majoring in marketing. This definitely wont have been the case had someone been sitting through a fin course (infact they might want to believe that fin electives are kinky in nature…with all the strips and straps and what have yous!).

So anyways…the prof Dr. Moorthy is a nice guy. Cracks jokes that aren’t exactly funny…and snorts at them…! :)

Data Mining is a rocking course. All the stuff that happens reminds me of my MSU nights…trying to set up neural net algorithms…and then learning about self-organizing maps and what nots. At times I miss that life…working with stars…looking up and realizing that that star up in the NE is something that you are trying to figure. You know everything about it…and yet nothing…! Suddenly the world used to feel so small…and insignificant…! Sigh!

Capital raising was fun…! The prof so wonderfully derived the fundamentals out of the class. And with such ease. It was as if… “oops…where did that come from…!!!” very nicely done. The load of the class is also not that high.

So hopefully this term shall be placements…jobs…resume…interviews…!!!

The Bharatpur trip was awesome. Absolutely awesome. Had such a fun time with everyone…getting up at 8…having breakfast under the sun…leaving for the sanctuary…cycling through it for some 20 kms…clicking snaps…loads and loads of them…going to the market all tired…and munching on local mithai…and junk food…going back…hot water bath tub…drinks…dinner…and spend the remaining night chatting…!


Lots of exchange students are part of this term. And there are some really cool guys…and some really…well…girls…! For the first time I am actually experiencing the feeling of being in an international school.

And oh…some happenings…!

ISB hosted the leadership summit yesterday. Was a great event…awesome speakers…kept me engaged for all the time that I was there.

And then there was Ikshaa…the marketing summit…last Saturday. P (and his team) had been working on it like dogs. Unfortunately I wasn’t there…but from the word around it was quite a success. (http://isb.edu/campussbuzz1/Ikshaa_Summit2006.html)

And then…EDS had come to campus to recruit for their dallas office…strategy roles. They were in India for the 1st time…and lo behold…as per sources (so don’t quote me on this…!) they have taken 12 students. All of them for Dallas on 100K+ packages..! P is one of them…so the joke now is…daddy goes dallas…! (

Life is good…exciting…and a lot hopeful…!


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January 14th, 2006 at 4:20 pm

It is such a thrill to be the first one to comment..I am generally the last..anyway..Wow..sounds like you had loads of fun on your holiday..
Hmm 17th version..there was a time when I would change my CV every week..LOL..probably thats why I never got a job..:p..Well,good luck to you..



January 15th, 2006 at 3:23 am

i hv been changing my resume so frequently…its not even funny…! i am going thru virtually my worst identity crisis ever…! :)




January 15th, 2006 at 7:35 pm

Oh, that bad huh?I don’t know how it works for you guys but for us..we have to hard sell ourselves(training,experiences,courses), and then look for who is buying what we have to sell.Hence the continuous change in CV to meet job profiles.Good luck..Im sure you will find your mark.Cheers.M.



January 15th, 2006 at 7:43 pm

Well…indian B-schools have it relaively easy. the placement process is such that companies come on campus and make offers the very same day (and rarely beyond that).

ofcourse…of someone is not impressed with the list of companies coming..then they somewhat fall into the other category..which might be close to yours…!

yah…the change in resume has to happen here as well…since every company comes up with a shortlist and customization is the only way you shall make it to the list…!

anyways…thanks a lot..! hope i make it somewhere…

whats up with u nowadays…! u dont seem to reply to google-messages…!




January 15th, 2006 at 9:14 pm

yeh kya ho raha ? :-)))))



January 15th, 2006 at 10:08 pm

Hmmm,its a gamble either ways.I’m sure you will get some where..But really you wanna get what you really want.Once that’s decided I think focus would be the name of the game.
And I don’t remember getting any google msgs to respond to..So were you talking to me?..
Tc..good luck..M

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