its an ‘almost’ adults blog…

28 Jun

so…its official…your eyes, as of this moment, are witnessing an above 17 blog..! if i hadnt used shit 21 times…or ass 8 times…or my fav word gay 5 times…or omg the friggin adult word slap 4 times…things would hv been very different…

Online Dating

this basically means that if my kids were to be gay…they would ofcourse use the word ass a lot…and will hv to be born 17 directly..!


____________________ has generated a lot of press interest..! I had PK calling me frantically informing me of the Indian Express frontpage..! and a google search on SecondShaadi generates quite a few results..!

We are very close to 1,000 profiles now…23% of these are females..and only 15% of these are never married. Which basically proves that the site is automatically attracting the right audience…

BTW…did you know that India apparently has the lowest divorce rate in the 1.1%

but we still believe that the idea will work…! it will…


am in manali this weekend…nowhere compared to mussoorie…! will post some snaps…


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July 1st, 2007 at 11:21 pm

dude…i was in mandi last weekend…n wud b thr agn on the 9th…wud take my h7 along this time n clik sumthin

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