its that time of the day…

4 Aug

you havent blogged for 2 days…you gymed today for 45 minutes…lifting weights…playing squash and badminton…its 1am in the morning…the day starts at 7.30 tomorrow and you dont know when it will end…

and you are medically dead…!

nevertheless, i will write…

life has been good these days. somehow the term isnt hitting me as yet…there is quite some bit to do…and i am doing it..but the pressure isnt even half of last term..just as section A’s tee shirt isnt half as sec-c as ours…!! (prof venkat)

isb is hosting a microfinance conclave this friday/saturday and the who’s who of the economics and finance world is coming over. i am required to host mr. ravi narain, managing director and ceo – nse. will be going to receive him at the airport tomorrow…and then show him around the place. should be good fun..though i will be missing some bit of the ldp class…(sigh..!)

had gone out for chinese today…decent food..good company. even R went out for chinese today…after she had a ‘tennis date’ with S. he seems to be taking ‘good’ care of her…chalo…as long as he gets to…! :)

section c had its t-shirt day yesterday. was awesome fun clicking snaps in the section tees…they have come out decently well. here..have a look..!

and till you adore the tee…lemme come back from my sleep…


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