love nike…??

26 May

something about this brand makes me fall in love with it…every single day…

and i believe that nike has always been at the forefront of the best websites on the web. if that wasnt enough…check their latest innovation…

and while we are on links….here is an interesting bit. there is actually a part of your brain which starts working when people go sarci…!

“ahem ahem…ankur…how come you are looking so thin today…??”

the day went well…nothing grand. N’s B-I-L had come over. and he happens to be a celebrity. it was fun haging out with him over lunch…although i have a feeling that he wasnt very confortable with us. he seemed pre-occupied. anyways…

lunch was also with this staff write from Forbes. she is on a trip to india…learning about non-IT startups in India. so she wanted to have an informal chat with some students connected/planning to connect with the entrepreneur world.

apart frm this…had an interesting conversation with R. wont delve too much into it…all that remains is the fact that i have so totally fallen in love with her all over again. she is simply amazing.

2.35am…time to hit bed. I see N,G,N and A outside…chillin out…


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