No – cant be done

5 Dec

No – the product can’t be launched now

No – the process doesnt allow it

No – you cannot get to do this

No – it cant be done

As you scale, you get to hear this a lot more – from within the company.

Whenever you make this statement, complete the following – “No, it cant be done, because the customer _________”

If you cant complete the statement, change your statement to a yes.

Even if it pains you and the company.

1 Response to No – cant be done


Sahil Thakur

December 8th, 2014 at 5:04 pm

Couldn’t agree more. In my last three years there were many instances where we made suggestions, which we strongly believed in. Somewhere the answer was usually a NO, either because we dint want to invest more time in doing something better or at times we just slacked. In fact that led to a lot of missed opportunities as well.

We understood our limitations as an organization but we also knew what we wanted to be a part of – nothing but the best. Though I’m sure under your guidance Groupon will continue to grow and reach bigger & better heights.

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