shiney ahuja finally a hero…

30 Jun

in the biggest WTF of the year, Hindustan Times reports how real life situations are turning into celluloid events! So there are films being produced (and lo behold…also ‘directed’) on Scarlett Keeling’s murder, Varun Gandhi’s hate speech and Soumya Vishwanathan’s murder!

What takes the cake though is this dude Kanti Shah (for the ill-informed…basically people who should commit suicide incase they dont know about Kanti – the dude…he is the same guy who is credited with Oscar classics such as Gunda, Jallad No. 1, Munnibai, Ganga Bani Shola! Hail the lord!)…

Mr. Shah now wants to make a movie on the Shiney Ahuja rape case! He says…and I quote…”Yes, I am making a film on the Shiney Ahuja rape case. Shooting will begin soon. It is titled Rape and newcomers Imran and Sapna will play the characters of Shiney and the maid. Although the film will be based on true events and there will be no fictitious details added, there will be song and dance sequences.”

I can only imagine how poor Sapna would have got this role…! And I can only begin to think what an utterly disgusting piece of shit this is…

Ofcourse, the last statement breaks all records…! One…this dude will never ever have all the facts right…and two..being nasty…how does he know that song and dance sequences are fictional…???

and what is the friggin story in this entire event…???? oh wait..this is different…stories come last…!

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