spiderman…media and entertainment…and ofcourse…"yeh hai meri kahaani"

5 May

i remember this intense conversation PM and i were once having. actually all our conversations are typically intense…which start with me asking him what he does for a living…he cursing me to no end..then trying to explain…and then end with me asking him to marry me..!

so…abt this one conversation…he told me tht i sucked as a blogger. ofcourse this was his personal opinion and am sure that the 2 regular readers of this blog would defend me to no end..! he felt that my blog was inward looking….you know…the sorts which are like…”yeh hai meri kahaani”….i got up…and work is happening…and did i tell you of when i was 6…and then i fell in love…and oh i am getting married…etc etc…

he preferred the outward looking ones…the sorts tht spoke of world issues. ofcourse humor was almost sacsocant…and thus to be used in an honorable manner….i cudnt really understand what he meant when he spoke of humor and honor in the same breath. oh btw…what do u call a sardar who lives underwater…!! Jal-andar singh…!! HAH…! wait wait…there’s more…what do you call a sardar who lives and breathes under water…! Jal-andar singh GILL…!! wasssuppppp…!!
yah so…i really dont know what he meant when he spoke of humor to be used in the ‘right’ fashion..

i agree with him though…abt the inward bit…i do…! which is when i told myself….alrite dude…lets not jst look at the world…(which i do almost to the point of being anal!)…lets hv an opinion abt it too…and let the world know of the opinion. ofcourse to make it humorous…i turned to anecdotal posts…! stories…of my mundane life…experienced by me…but never talking abt me…rather the experience..! it cud hv been anyone…

i admit..at times i had to think really hard to come up with these….which made me doubt the sheer intention of it. was to please someone…or to express myself. i didnt really know the answer…but loved doing it nevertheless…cause it was a form of expression nevertheless….!

and jst when i was on a roll…friggin work came in between. as of this precise moment…i am an i-banker when it comes to hours…and a consultant…when it comes to pay..! and a complete bastardo when it comes to blogging…
that my friends…was my brief explanation for the increasingly increasing duration between subsequent posts..! thank you…


just came back frm spiderman 3. its awesome. i mean…if the goblin wasnt enough…we had new goblin…who basically confused in life….is a loser as it is…and if tht wasnt enough the director decided to give him memory loss.

and then a superduper sand man…who basically cud be destroyed by water….yet somehow managed to cry…and am sure he did pee at times as well..!! imagine what you mst go thru when u know tht each time u pee…u r getting an inch closer to death. and god only help u if u had tht ugly burger on the beach tht evening…and went down with some loose motions the next morning.

so anyways…yeah…there was the sandman…! and then some freaky dude…who am sure was supposed to be an extra in the movie to begin with. but the director made the mistake of capturing him too many times in the 1st half….! he took advantage of tht and held the team to ransom…”give me a better role else i will not act in the 2nd half”. ofcourse the character cudnt be jst killed (which btw wud hv made the movie a trifle easier on the head)…and he was afterall jst a crappy actor…so they made him a freaky villian. a monstor actually…! who cud be destroyed by the sound of church bells. ladies and gentlemen..the ramsey brothers have finally got their worth. finally a demon tht is scared of god-stuff…such as the om pendant..or the cross pendant…or the trishul…or simply the hanuman chalisa..!!

but the real villian was spriderman himself. he becomes greedy in the movie…u know…lalchi sorts..! suddenly loves all the admiration…so starts making guest appearances at road shows…! jst like priyanka gandhi…oops…vadra…!! (forgiveness my lord…oops lady)

its 2.45 hrs long….exactly a minute after death happens…to the audience…!

its a crappy movie…plz dont go..!! esp if u like spiderman…plz dont..!


am currently working in the media and entertainment sector…and its a friggin awesome place to be in. the industry is mindblowing…to say the least. there is so much of stuff happening…tht one cant even see on the surface…! fragmented to the core…unorganized to say the least…and has so much of potential. some awesome trivia…

> India has 13,000 movie screens. PVR…the largest integreted player…owns 70.

> Home Video and TV accounts for 75% of a movie revenue in the US. 7 friggin 5 %…!! no one there watches films in the theaters..! come to think of it…i went for a film show only once in 2 yrs..when i was there…! and i guess the only ones who go are desis..!

> The entire global movie industry is USD 92 bn. Walmart revenues last yr were 349 bn..!

> You know who owns ESPN. Walt disney..!!!

life will take me to mumbai next….! jet airways…here i come…!! spidermannnnnnnnnnnnnnn


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May 7th, 2007 at 2:19 pm

Ankur…great to know that u r moving to Mumbai…



May 7th, 2007 at 4:32 pm

No no..not for good..!! jst traveling for work..!! :)



May 8th, 2007 at 9:27 pm


continue your blog in your distinctive way and in the manner you have been running it since ISB…

..personally speaking..after a day’s work the last thing I want is to get gyan from a pontificating knowall on ‘world issues’ on which I already know enough thank you…

.. you talk about experiences / thoughts which are similar to many others as they go through their daily lives

..you also have a knack of talking about things which are so far out they actually have a value (eg: the photography site, or the zinda song or the mallu language incident with your client) and for talking about such things the first (eg: Steve Jobs graduation day speech)…

..in the clutter of blogosphere your’s still remains fresh precisely because it is inward looking..each time i log in i am like..what is he thinking today?

i hope most of your visitors feel the same..so continue as long as you can.




May 9th, 2007 at 10:28 am

Mr Mehta

Am touched by the comment..! Will surely keep all your thoughts in mind…!! made me think early morning..! :)

How r u doin..?



May 11th, 2007 at 3:40 pm

Hi Ankur,
Came here from Blog Street..
Well i think most of the people like to talk abt thier inner world s they find it very useful place where they have no restrictions and they are not bound to give answers to anyone…
Greta to knwo you are into media and entertainment industry..
Take care..



May 13th, 2007 at 4:48 am

ho ho ho…here i am struggling at 4:00a.m in the morning…confined to bed and hence blog-watching….and what do i find! :D

but dude, world issues? that never happened…or you’ve been sleepin with someone else :)



May 13th, 2007 at 10:00 am

Agree with you..! BTW…am not working in the ME industry. Its jst part of my project currently.
How abt u..?

WTF were u doing up at 4am..!! and btw…world issues = personal incidents involving the world and not jst me..! not current news..!



May 13th, 2007 at 3:22 pm

“world issues = personal incidents involving the world and not jst me..! not current news..!”

god help me….!

PS: I have the flu’….hence confined to bed, feelin seriously drugged and reading inane chatter at 4:00am..



May 14th, 2007 at 10:31 am

OHHHHH…poor u…! U got THE flu..!!



June 27th, 2008 at 1:28 am

Hey, shakar is moving there, look for our pics at shaadi Loveshaadi.co.uk, the UK site.!