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And this is the battle of the new age, Ladies and Gentlemen! Google vs. Newspaper (and not yet Rupert dude!) So it all started with Rupert suggesting that he will (or can, or whatever) block Newscorp Sites from being part of Google. Basically, stop Google from indexing them and thus not showing them in search […]

Not that we didn’t know it…but its fascinating…and equally scary…to see how much of data has google stored through that one single username password of yours..! Gmail, Orkut, Reader, Search, Youtube, Alerts, GTalk…we dont realize how much of time we spend on Google products everyday and how all of those actions are being stored Google […]

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Amit Varma pointed me to this great piece of analysis, in his blog entry. Well…he didnt point ME to it…but it just sounded cool…as if we are like chuddi buddies…(but hey…he does listen to me!) so…inspired by the analysis, i thought of doing so at my own level. The results are say the least […]

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