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its human tendency to consider things that are free, as fishy! Consider normal life. While almost all of us would jump in joy if someone offered their services free…would we also not have that edgy feeling “why would they do it for free…whats the fine print”. Cynicism is fundamental to the human nature Yet…its […]

or maybe…there is someone who wants them to…get married! Matrimonial sites comprised the highest share of online advertising between June-August 2009! Followed by Travel and Education SecondShaadi has a big(!) role to play in this :)

I am a sucker for high quality customer service. And I am an Internet guy…! This combination makes me realize (not necessarily before anyone else) that in the world of Internet, customer service acquires a whole new meaning. Recall the days when companies had a customer service number (not even toll-free) that was rarely attended to, or even if […]

who would have thought…but this is true this is an ad, from google…in a Nagpur Daily! just goes to show how much MNCs have to change themselves…when they move to markets so very different from their own parent markets! reminds me of how India was the first country where McDonald’s started home delivery, and started […]