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in the biggest WTF of the year, Hindustan Times reports how real life situations are turning into celluloid events! So there are films being produced (and lo behold…also ‘directed’) on Scarlett Keeling’s murder, Varun Gandhi’s hate speech and Soumya Vishwanathan’s murder! What takes the cake though is this dude Kanti Shah (for the ill-informed…basically people […]

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there is no…and i mean NO better use of one’s time then to read the comments below every rediff article…! they not only stamp my blindfolded belief that we Indians have the most time in this world to simply do nothing….it also helps one to capture the utter stupidity of a certain section of the […]

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TechCrunch had an interesting article today on the most common facebook names. Now, its a given fact that facebook is not the most promiment social networks in India…because unlike orkut…stricking a conversation with random people is much harder than simply going to orkut and suggesting…”hi sweetie…i want to make friendships with you…do you me???”! And […]

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