The 2 virtues often confused to be the same

16 Jan

The other day, at an office party, a colleague asked me

“All through this fund raising process, when things were not going our way, how did you remain so patient?”

Inside of me, I was like, “patient? Me?”

I am nothing like patience.

Yes, I am calm on the outside. Tolerant.

But inside, I am fucking impatient.

Here is something that I am though


Determined to achieve my target and continue to sign up on the process.

Show up every day, irrespective of how bad it is.

And if i feel like quitting today, I tell myself, let’s it tomorrow! And I say that tomorrow as well.

Patience is a virtue. But it’s inaction. It’s enduring pain. It’s tolerance.

Perseverance is action. It’s determination. It’s continuing despite everything.

What would you much rather be, if you only be one?

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