The way you do the small things 

11 Sep

Each time I interview people, we have the office boy come in and ask for tea or coffee. 

When it is served, I look for the response

No thank you?

Thank you?

Thank you Bhaiya (or equivalent)?

Tells me something about the person. 


I play a sadist game on the office floor. Drop a piece of paper or tissue and then wait for who picks it up. 

Tells me something about the person. 


During a presentation if I point out an error on the formatting, I observe how they react. Do they clear the error right away or note it down as a todo. 

Tells me something about the person. 


I am a firm believer in the power of the subconscious. Our intrinsic thoughts are always governing our external actions. Mostly unknowingly. 

It’s the small reactions, the perpetual thoughts, reactions to everyday things that drives the individual. 

The way you do small things determines the way you do everything

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