What does it take to win?

5 Jul


Ajay Singh tells me that this deal took him 1.5 years to close! I would believe him anyday…

There was a time we used to run 1 deal for 3 days, because we didnt have many. Today the site has 950+ deals at any stage. All of them deals that we ourselves will buy.

There was no other path for us to get here. No money, no shortcut, no business model could have made us reach here faster – than the path we took. It is the hardest path – and is hasnt been easy. But its been the best journey we all could have wished for.

I am super proud of what and where we are today.

Varq, at the Taj Mahal Hotel New Delhi, featured on Groupon India

Varq Taj Mahal Groupon India

1 Response to What does it take to win?


Roshan Nazareth

August 2nd, 2013 at 1:04 am

Ankur – You and your team should focus more on – what does it take to Sustain, rather than what does it take to win? Don’t know which of your team is responsible, but the current deals which groupon are cracking are FRAUD and complete CHEATING. The places were offers are running don’t even EXIST.

This has happened twice with me and AGAIN this embarrassing moment happened few minutes back…. The Old Madras Cafe – bought 4 coupons, went with my family and the place was shut down!!! There was a big board outside – Under Renovation. Apparently, the deal started today itself!!! The best part is you have 134 frustrated buyers already!!!

So Sir, I agree it is perseverance is what it takes to win the deals – but Ankur it is Sustaining that Win which is Real Success. I am sure I would get my refund and some appreciation for sounding you off, but most importantly the quality check is what is required. Thank you for your time….
Roshan Nazareth
(Btw – you spelt perseverance incorrectly)