What is respect?

18 Jan

The reality of firing is not that of capability. It’s rarely that. 
It’s that of a value mismatch. The value that is being added is lesser than expected or the strengths possessed are not valued enough. 

The same value can be significant someplace else. And it usually is. 

The hard part about firing then becomes realizing this fact. And thus still maintaining respect for the individual. 

I have personally fired 27 individuals in my life. 

Not one of them would refuse to help me if I called them one day for help. 

Most would say that the firing, though painful at that stage, was a wise decision eventually. 

They were told, with respect, of how the mismatch will not work out. For both parties involved. 

That it is best for both to move on. 

Maintaining respect for the opposite side, when the side has not delivered, is a hard thing to do. 

It is also the right thing to do. 

Respect is never situational. 

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January 19th, 2016 at 2:29 am

Kinda like breakup, like when someone dumps you. In an ideal world, you’d go away as soon as you realize its not working. Although the only reason you stay is some voice saying, you committed and you failed.

The path you suggest, Ankur, is one of pure “its just a job” situation. That’s hard to achieve. Because in a world full of energy, both highs and lows stick to us.

Not that you control it, but respect, most of the times, needs to be earned and it completely (really 100%) lies with the individual who got fired.

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