What they see 

3 Aug

Think about every single individual that you admire and look up to 

And then think of how they got there 

Thousands of line of code 

Hours of writing, singing, dancing

Months of practice early morning 

Weeks of waking, running, lifting

Years of looking in the mirror and questioning 

Years of looking in the mirror and crying

Years of looking in the mirror and saying don’t you fucking give up

Don’t you fucking get comfortable 

Don’t you fucking think it was meant to be easy 

Away from the crowd

Away from the praise 

Away from the applause 

What you do when no one can see you, defines what they see when they do. 

1 Response to What they see 


Pritha Saha

August 3rd, 2016 at 11:44 am

True its always easy to get inspired, but difficult to live up to that inspiration.

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