What would you do differently? 

27 Jun

I was interacting with a bunch of ISB admits for the next batch. All high IQ, academic achievers who will spend 2 years working before joining ISB. 

Understandably all of them had questions around – does ISB help in the long term, will it help beyond consulting, will it help in international positions, is it going to help shift industries 

I answered most of these to the best of my knowledge

And then I told them – consider this possibility – there is a VERY HIGH CHANCE that none of you will ever die. 

You will not die a natural death. 

There is enough advancement happening, and at a crazy pace, that within your lifetimes we will figure out a way to not let the cells die

There is also a very high chance that some of you may live on Mars 

Now ask these questions again! 

We all get so consumed by the short term, by the immediate, by the urgent – that we fail to appreciate what lies ahead 

And how most of what we are doing have little or no bearing on how our life will pan itself out 

Heck, if we were to never die and live on Mars, even the definition of long term acquires a new meaning. 

Ask yourself – how can a decision that you take when you are in your 20s going to have any material impact if you are to live beyond 100 

And then ask yourself – what questions should I ask, for a life that is never going to end?

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July 13th, 2017 at 5:24 pm

This is quite funny.
I used to get consumed by this thought and I always end up asking nothing at all.
The immediate term will be irrelevant because it has little impact in the larger picture.
Anything beyond 12 months is way too far anyway.
If you were to ask about a wider perspective, it would be too irrelevant for most of the people. Even the person whom I would ask. Also, his answer would be too generic to be able to answer my question.

There is no way one could ask one single most relevant question and get a worthy answer in such a limited setup. In most cases, the question will not remain relevant to most people due to the perspectives we carry.

In the end, I am always left introspecting alone with my own thoughts.

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