What’s worse than no data?

29 Jun

I am going to take a contrarian view here and say – worse than no data is multiple sources of the same data.

Therein you have killed all objectivity that the data was meant to bring. It’s now subjective. And worse still you don’t know what it favors. Suddenly everyone is showing their version of the data point, to prove their assumptions. To get data to speak your language. And to confess.

If you torture it enough, even data will succumb

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July 9th, 2015 at 3:49 pm


In the even in the world of data..there is never any “objective” data..Data will always be subjective ..e.g benchmark your sale this quarter vs last quarter or vs last year and you can always see a different interpretation of your growth number..

I think the solution is to accept the subjectivity ..recognize the limitations ..recognize that every one is showing their version of the data to prove their assumptions..

That may help :-)

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