Your story – is for everyone!

5 Oct

3 things happened, to converge to this post








Zero to One isnt a life story. In true Peter Thiel Style – its prescriptive in portions and preachy in part. I was hoping to know about him as an individual than know about his views as an authority on technology.

Hard Thing About Hard Things – was a true life journey. It could very well have been Ben’s autobiography (and it is indeed). He just spoke about what he did. What he felt. What he spoke.

But the beauty was how his life story seemed relevant to me (and am sure to several million others). Even though his life journey is unique – something only 1 in millions would experience.

Thats the power of a personal story.

What I did through my Quora posts – is share my life.

What I do when I speak to folks in colleges, or on the phone – is share my experiences.

Not offer advise, definitely not try to offer mentorship or guidance. And the response I receive is humbling to say the least. Numerous people have written – sharing how it motivated them, drove them to think, to question and eventually to act! The email above being a perfect case in example

Never shy away from sharing your story.

Its your story – but it helps people drafts theirs

In ways that you cannot control or even imagine


And here is a story I can hear over and over and over again… (Episode 1 and Episode 2)



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Aashay Joshi

November 6th, 2014 at 1:08 am

Watched the SRK episodes and as always he is just so inspiring. “When you attain success, dont be complacent, infact, work even more harder” also I read somewhere on SRK saying, “The only person I compete with, is myself”
Thanks for sharing, Ankur!
If films interests you, I wrote something on the changing face of Indian films. The new age directors and how they are placing India on the world map,have added the URL in this form, you could check it out!

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